This article is about the rules supplement. For the campaign setting, see Neverwinter (campaign setting). The Neverwinter Campaign Setting is a 4th edition. This year, Wizards returned to the setting with a campaign book for a small portion of it: the Neverwinter Campaign Setting. And it’s impressed. I am interested in running this campaign and wanted to hear from I used the Neverwinter Campaign Setting book for a 4E campaign, and I.

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WOTC Forgotten Realms 4e Neverwinter Campaign Setting HC NM | eBay

Most of the game rules are in the character section of the book, and even that has a lot of roleplaying information for characters. My idea was to have the PCs crawl down a rope through pitch black, inky darkness at the bottom of the Chasm, and eventually find themselves climbing UP the same rift when they pass through into the mirror image of Evernight on the other side, also suffering from the earthquake from Mt.

More than you could ever use in its entirety. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.

I did some browsing but didn’t see one. Neverwinter Campaign Setting 4e to 5e. The Neverwinter Campaign setting looks at the efforts to rebuild the city, and the various forces that help or oppose that effort — or have other designs in the vicinity of Neverwinter. That book is chock full of ideas, I mean it is really, really, really packed full of stuff. Angry neverwknter have returned from the Feywild to a ruined world.


So there would be lots of chaos and confusion in the streets, and then this big gash in the earth that “volunteers” are needed to explore. These are listed in handy tables. Other Factions in the Wood: I’m running a 4E Neverwinter campaign plus a 5E Phandalin-centred campaign that will eventually turn into Red Hand of Doom with the siege of forgot the city’s name taking place at the walls of Neverwinter instead.

Locations of the Setting Apart from the descriptions of options available to the heroes and for their allies and opponents, the other third of the book is devoted to looking at locations in Neverwinter and the surrounding wilderness.

Settung Dagult Neverember is laboring to secure and rebuild Neverwinter. Also, quite usefully, the factions relationships with each other are considered. How this is handled is very unusual: I remained unconvinced even through the blowing up of the Realms in 4E and the advancement of the timeline by about years. The explosion of Mt Hotenow happened during the events of Gauntlgrym amazingly, the 20th Drizzt bookcampaihn I haven’t read.

I will note that all artists are also credited for their work on the page it appears, something that Wizards does pretty well. Player Characters in Neverwinter Neverwinter makes excellent use of the Character Themes mechanics that were introduced in the Dark Sun campaign setting.

WOTC Forgotten Realms 4e Neverwinter Campaign Setting HC NM

Never thought to play past the end of LMoP. One could hardly accuse Wizards of not providing adventure opportunities in Neverwinter! The four new domains are linked to Corellon, god of archery and the elves, Oghma, god of knowledge, Selune, goddess of the moon, and Torm, god of duty. That big crevice on the map is interesting.


In the Shadowfell, the volcanic unrest that devastated Neverwinter never stopped: Having the rift lead to Evernight sounds like a fun option. Kind of like Bizzaro world. The Shadovar intend to raise an important fallen enclave hidden in Neverwinter Wood.

Neverwinter Campaign Setting 4e to 5e So I want to extend my current 5e campaign from Lost Mine of Phandelver and it looks like it’s heading to Neverwinter next.

It helps that it has glorious cover art by Ralph Horsleyand the production values throughout are excellent. Monday, 5th September, Skip to main content. Subraces of dwarves and elves are also back with this book, as long-established in the Forgotten Realms.

I love having big tactile handouts like that, and the players appreciate it too, it becomes far more immersive. That is a fantastic idea. I don’t want to run the Spellplague, my campaign takes place before that. Join Date Feb Posts 1, If I find anything do you want to see it? Neverwinter makes excellent use of the Character Themes mechanics that were introduced in the Dark Sun campaign setting. A cult of Asmodeus worshippers is bent on dominion in the region.