Luke Jermay’s 7 Deceptions (PDF Download). Click for Luke Jermay’s first book of original material, written by Kenton Knepper; This book began it all for Luke. magic tricks forum – Hey guys, bought 7 deceptions last week and was instantly impressed. With forewords from Banachek and Kenton Knepper. They will be much less likely to buy into the 7 deceptions if they have just seen you do a Product info for 7 Deceptions. Author: Jermay, Luke.

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Not suited to all but effects such as Skin Deep have become something of a talking point at several conventions I’ve performed it at. Also if you are iermay in these effects maybe search out those other sources. Is it real magic? Jonathan sees magic and the world through the prism of music, so his writing and theory is influenced heavily by the music and musical artists he loves. No stooges, lule by another audience member, this is the real work!

Magic Trick Reviews – 7 Deceptions Review

Privacy Policy About Magicpedia Disclaimers. Another member of the audience confirms this. Please tell us what you think and share your opinions with others.

Derek Dingle – Genii Sept. To be able to receive this information for the price is among the best deals I have ever come across.

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Luke thanks for the input We hope you found the magic tricks you were looking for! Stop your own pulse This is the first time Luke has allowed any of his work to appear on film, and we are sure it will prove to be a real treat for magic lovers.


Jermay has authored a total of 34 books on the subject of mentalism and mind illusions. Don’t wait for the perfect moment The material is all original and practical, making it suitable for modern close-up performers.

Jermay has trekked into some less explored areas of mentalism. In another compelling effect, a single word is written on the card.

7 Deceptions by Luke Jermay – $ :

You can’t, and you don’t. Psychological symbolism at work? However, if you are only getting it for the secrets, don’t waste your time. The Burst Bubble Suggestion: And his background is an even split between magic and music. A spectator’s actual phobia is deceptikns to go away through a magical, psychological event.

Harvey Nerzof Regular user Posts. An objective opinion on how the effects work in the real world is handy This is a great ‘taster’, but as far as a review goes, would be good to hear if the effects actually are possible and useable. Subscriptions Top Inventors 1.

Wecome to Talk Magic and I hope to see more of your posts around the forum.

So do I recommend it overall? Although it is not complex, it will require an experienced performer to effectively deliver the material. He has also worked with many other magicians and mentalists as writer, designer of psychological illusions and program consultant.

This item is a digital download ,Gimmick not included Customers reviews There are currently no product reviews. If so could you please give a quick review. A fascinating principle explained in full.


Mathieu Bich – Hungry? When the audience sees the card, it continues to be a mystery as they see a dissimilar word themselves. The impression I get here is that although I may be wrong Cheers, Logan You’ve been hit by, you’ve been struck by, a smooth criminal.

A versatile method of causing a spectator to actually feel their thought “pop” out of their mind and into the mind of the performer. After seeing Luke perform it on laymen I can honestly say I’ve never seen an entire room of supposed experts appear so absolutely dumbfounded as that before!

Jan 12, Did this review help you? Paul, For a first post, You must be a very confident performer to make Luke’s material work.

The book is waiting at the printers as I type The Musical is a fun, funny read that will equip you with 24 practical, close-up routines that are easy to do and high on impact. This is not necessarily a bad thing but some of these effects will not really work under ‘closer’ conditions. How does it happen?

While some of the presentations are themed around music, the concepts and effects go way beyond that. The book is also well written.