Summary and reviews of A Little Wanting Song by Cath Crowley, plus links to a book excerpt from A Little Wanting Song and author biography of Cath Crowley. Rose is a restless, passionate science student who longs to flee the Australian bush. Review of “A Little Wanting Song” by Cath Crowley Rose is full of anger and ambition and wanting, and maybe Charlie could be her ticket out.

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Graffiti Moon Kindle Edition. I loved his quiet, confident way and how despite his family situation, he never took his friends for granted and found cagh way to just make it work. She sings to the ghosts of loved ones who died:. Just as much as the characters, I enjoyed Crowley’s writing. Christmas isn’t always what you’d hoped for. Furthermore, Rose’s POV was used as a stepping stone to fill in blanks in the story where Charlie was not present cowley even when she wasso I never felt as if I had as deep of a connection with her.

Like action crrowley craziness was needed as a catalyst. I’m extremely greatful that Crowley focused on this aspect of Charlie and Rose’s life, since, in real life, this relationship definitely has an impact. I’m schoolgirl g I haven’t been this excited about an author since I first read Melina Marchetta earlier this year. The whole story was bittersweet and moving and captured that sense of wanting that the book was essentially all about.

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Cath Crowley writes with a beautiful poetic fashion and yet wantkng simple. And Rose is someone who wants to study science another one! Finally, this book is very Australian and I just love that. The book’s focus is on a group of angsty teenagers, unsure of their place in the world and trying to figure themselves and their life paths out I slide to the fridge and grab a Coke.


As you read this story, these myriad of emotions just keep crashing See, the water molecules are attracted to each other so much that they hold on for as long as they can. This is where Charlie comes in. She’s got her iPod, her guitar, and all her recording equipment, but she wants more: Now Rose on the other hand is surrounded by people that care, actually too much in her opinion.

It isn’t that the couple doesn’t care deeply for one another – they honestly do – there’s just many unresolved issues between the two. Where do I start? And how can I give llttle book that can do that any other rating than 5 stars that it so deserved? The lyrical writing is touching, subtle and addictive.

I leave her huddled there. Wantint have hopes, fears and big hearts but their personalities are very different. Other times, they are completely horrid. There is a formula to coming of age stories, and this one does use it a bit; also, there is a spot in the middle of the book that, though I don’t dislike it, I wonder if all of what happened needed to happen.

Cath Crowley has now found a place in my top 5 all time favourite authors. This is her debut, I believe, though it was out in Australia for five years before being re-released in either orwhen I think it was published world wide. Some chapters are just songs she writes.

And she’s figured out a way: Well, we better see how Rose reacts now To ask other readers questions about A Little Wanting Songplease sign up.


I really got a kick out of the ending and what she said to that jerk, Antony.

: A Little Wanting Song eBook: Cath Crowley: Kindle Store

You’re trying to remember, and he’s trying to forget. Hardcoverpages. A wonderful book by an outstanding author.

Before she left the city for the summer, she had a huge fight with her best friend and was embarrassed in front of tons of her peers. I am willing to give Crowley another chance. This is where Charlie comes in.

A Little Wanting Song

Anonymous May 29, at 4: The whole book reads very quickly, peppered with Charlie’s songs it gives it a little zest and in the end it feels very real. My biased recommendation would be of course Graffiti Moon.

Allison May 29, at And she’s figured out a way: Charlie is trapped by her own grief and insecurity. I never felt it was stupid or unjustified.

A Little Wanting Song by Cath Crowley

This book relies heavily on dialogue between not just Charlie and Rose, but also their friends Dave and Luke, as well as Charlie’s dad, granddad, and the ghost voices of Charlie’s mom and gran.

So I don’t even have to think twice when I say Grafitti Moon is next on my ‘must read’ list. Aside from Rose and Charlie, the two main male supporting characters, Dave and Littel, are amazing and funny, and I think you should just go read the book and find out for yourself. Like action and craziness was needed as a catalyst.