Reese can’t remember anything from the time between the accident and the day she woke up almost a month later. She only knows one thing: She’s different. Malinda Lo’s newest book, Adaptation, is a step away from her usual fare: it’s a young adult science fiction novel set in the near future. As the. The story of Adaptation () and Inheritance (), Malinda Lo’s excellent Young Adult science fiction duology from Little, Brown Books for.

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But this is not the main story, this is not an LGTBQ book that happens to have science fiction elements. Can she trust anyone? The synopsis had me intrigued, because evil birds? I want to remind people malijda I write this review that my opinion here is subjective.

Can she forgive someone?

Adaptation (Adaptation, #1) by Malinda Lo

It’s a fascinating story and more than a little bit fucked up. Reece seems more affected by their ordeal than David, she had headaches and a strange ability to feel the emotions ll others. While Ana says that David has no personality, I actually think this affliction applies to Reese as well.

Yes but not li MC identities Chinese-American, queerness in general–author is a lesbian Content warnings: Araptation novel is compelling, it’s imaginative, and it’s very real despite being a work of fiction. I am curious to see how this storyline progresses in the sequel and for the record: We welcome guest posts and our book review policy can be found here.

Before we get into spoilers though, we need to talk about dat writing. The revelation felt milquetoast and dull.

And then things get crazier. I am a parent. It has some slow parts, but ‘Adaptation’ is a truly enthralling read.


Sep 14, Mike rated it really liked it Shelves: While the world is changing around Reese, while she feels that something might be different with her own body, she’s also exploring her own sexuality, at odds with the crush she’s had on David and the new and compelling Malindda Gray.

Her website is www.

ADAPTATION by Malinda Lo | Kirkus Reviews

There’s something about people being taken aboard an alien ship in the middle of nowhere and being tested on then coming back changed.

There’s still some stuff with all that to be resolved in the next book, obviously. But can she trust Amber? zdaptation

Reese’s coming of age, adapttation story seemed out of place. Highschool students unable to get home or contact their folks during an emergency, mmalinda a hell of a situation. The whole approach this book takes to its aliens and conspiracies and its junior detectives and secret military labs is so middle grade, none of it feels like anything that could conceivably happen in the real world.

Which was possibly not a good idea given all the plane crashes at the start, heh. That made it really hard to see what interest she had in him or to feel any tension between the two of them as they interact in the book.

Return to top of page. I’ve only created this profile to claim my name here, and I don’t check messages here or add friends. David is interested, but only confesses this after Reese has broken it off with Amber.

There’s more of a focus on issues surrounding government secrecy, especially when engaging in unethical behaviour. It’s so creepy, because no one knows about it and these people come back forever changed. David and Reese had that budding romance that didn’t really go anywhere.

Nov 16, karen rated it liked it Shelves: Sep 30, Breanne rated it it was ok. Reese, David and her coach grab the last rental car available and start a dangerous cross-country trip to get home to the Bay Area, while all around them the social order begins to break down. The openness of this relationship, the love between mother and daughter, the tangled emotions that Reese feels for Amber and David are all very well done. I’ll probably adaptatin read a review of the next nalinda with lots of spoilers so that I know how it plays out.


Reece and her debate partner, David, are in an Arizona airport when strange bird behavior results in all flights being grounded. And I give Lo credit for having a single mom who responds well when her daughter, Reese, comes to her with the information about what happened and when she catches her making out with a girl in her bedroom. More like 2 for enjoyment, but I’m trying to give credit for — something.

Book Review: Adaptation by Malinda Lo

I love how this is such a human story: I started off hooked and completely enthralled with the mystery surrounding the deadly flock of birds but by the time that’s over, this book just completely flat-lined. San Francisco feels like a different place with police enforcing curfew, hazmat teams collecting dead birds, and a strange presence that seems to be following her.

It’s not simply set up but it’s a set up too! Since the book has yet to be released, I will refrain from any spoilers and give a more broad opinion with the intention of exciting other people about the storyline.