Adeslas SegurCaixa, seguros médicos para particulares y empresas. Todos los productos y precios. Características, copagos, carencias y coberturas. Adeslas Health insurance company in Spain with professionals and healthcare centres at Adeslas-Plena-Plus-con-dental-promo-Flyer-Digital-. Find adeslas plena plus’s articles, email address, contact information, Twitter and more.

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Cost of internal cardiovascular and traumatology prostheses.

adeslas plena plus

You will have at your service the largest medical panel of the country, with 44, professionals and 1, medical centres. Move list to the right. Tubal ligation and vasectomy. HolaBank Adeslas Plena Plus. The most important coverages covered by Adeslas Plena Plus are: Without co-payments for the use of the services. For unlimited days and with bed for adesls companion. Corneal and bone marrow transplants.

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Full coverage of congenital diseases of the newborn when they are registered in the policy within 30 calendar days from birth, and as long as the mother is insured in the policy at least 10 months prior to the birth. Medical and surgical plis The following coverages are subject to an exclusion period:. Move list to the left.


The exclusion period is the period of time during which some coverages included inside the guarantees of the policy are not available. Save time and choose the timeslots to access primary care, specialised doctors and diagnostic resources. The coverages and tests subject to medical authorisation.

Plena Plus

Why should you contract the health insurance Adeslas Plena Plus? Medication in chemotherapy and intraocular lenses in cataract surgery. General medicine and paediatricsarea childcare, and infirmary service.

Hospitalisation and procedures as an admitted patient or at a day hospital. Say goodbye to long waiting lists. Therefore, if one of our professionals prescribes you a service, such as medical tests, you will have to present this prescription so that we can manage its conformity and authorisation.

Special treatments such as hemodialysis unlimited sessions in acute and chronic processes or chemotherapy day hospitalsetc. Renal lithotripsy, Chemotherapy, radiation oncology. All the benefits of not having co-payments. Some guarantees require authorisation. Find the doctor and centres of the General Medical Panel that best suit your needs. All the guarantees included can be accessed immediately except for those with a specific exclusion period that can vary between 3 and 10 months.


Medical and surgical hospital care for unlimited days and with bed for the companion. Diagnosis resources including high technology. Hospital admissions Medical tests.

You will be able to choose between the largest medical panel of the country, with 44, professionals and 1, medical centres. For the insurer to bear the cost of the covered prosthesis and its implant. Your health in the best hands.

Additional services included Telephone medical advice: Plastic surgery for breast reconstruction and breast prostheses for cases of breast reconstruction after a pkena mastectomy. Grace periods will never apply in life-threatening emergencies.

Health Insurance without co-payments.