could result. 0 For DC powered systems, use Aiphone power supply model specified with . A Even if two GH-VBC units are used as extension adaptors. Brand new Aiphone GH-BC Intercom Accessories at Wholesale Prices & Free Shipping – Returning Customers get Extra 15% Off by using our Free VIP. GH-BC AIPHONE BUSS CONTROL. Model. Category: Accessories. Description; Reviews (0). Product Description. Audio bus control unit for GH system.

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Although the entrance station is weather resistant, aiphkne is recommended that it not be directly exposed to weather conditions. Bus control unit c. Do not mix station-to-station wiring with homerun wiring.

Do not press the button longer than 1 second An electronic beep will be emitted once.

If there is a second residential station installed in a single apartment, program the residential station following the same method detailed in steps 4 through 6. Calling a Residential Station1.

Remove the terminal cover. Connect the wiring to the terminal block. After all wiring is completed and the residential station has been replaced, turn off the power to GH-BC temporarily and then turn it back on. When the system isbeing used for communication, an in-use tone will be heard at theresidential station. Activates while the button is pressed. Maximum units per sub trunk line.


Page 28 Setting up the System1. Peel off the plastic film.


Direct selection 8 stations. Entrance station For details, see and b. If the programming was unsuccessful, an alarm beep will be emitted.

For details, see 2. If you would like to connect 7 modules or more, please contact Aiphone. Sub trunk line 1 – 4 Sub trunk line 2 – 4 are the same as 1.

An image will be displayed onmonitor residential station. Page 36 Calling a Residential Station1. To position the speech module in the center row, run GF-C through the joint pipe in advance.

A different call tone sounds there is no communicationavailable. Never use an abrasive cleanser or cloth.

Aiphone GH-BC Two-Wire Bus Control Unit For GH

Example of interconnection of modules. Password reset switch Set the password reset switch to ON for 2 seconds or more during standby will reset the password set to ” ” at time of shipment. Page 9 Expanded System Configuration Diagram1. Run the connection cable through the joint pipe which you should have made open in advance and connect CN1 of GH-SW to the next row. Homerun wiring Do not mix station-to-station wiring and homerun wiring.


Do not dismantle or alter the unit. Common trunk line 1, Gg-bc door release function will activate on the entrance stationthat is in communication. Do not install the entrance station in aplace where there would be a brightlight behind a visitor or where therewould be a bright background or in aplace where the camera lens would bedirectly exposed to sunlight or a brightlight.

A call tone sounds as long as thebutton is held down.