Anita Blake sporks will also be as much summaries as sporks, for those of you who . Tags: anita blake, skin trade, spork, spork: anita blake, spork: skin trade. Skin Trade is the seventeenth book in the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series . FIN[6] GER[7] ITA[8] NED[9] NZ[10] SWE[11] US[12] Duran Duran Released: Tags, |, anita blake, anthology, benbella books, essay, laurell k. hamilton, sale, vampire, Oh, it was about Anita’s interactions with Olaf in SKIN TRADE. Maybe .

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Vittorio is special in 8 gazillion special ways none of which are important. And again, all this moral outrage is coming from a hired killer who regularly DOES form mobs to go find and kill people, bends the law to her own whims, and frequently FLOUTS the law for whatever the fuck she wants. We get that she needs to have sex- and blwke she is conflicted- you are beating blakd dead horse here.

Skin Trade

I think we’re going to see a Jean-Claude skij book next time around. It doesn’t have to be one poet and poem, pick like three or something and if you just love requiem tell us why!

That’s more like it. This is probably generous, but I’m so happy that Anita actually got back into action! There was way too much time spent questioning Anita’s sex life and what the hell is up with her tring to convince the cops to like her and take her seriously!!


There is no action, no suspense, no nothing… That means no gun fights either! Hamilton needs to stop relying on Anita absorbing other powers and the ardeur as plot devices. And she’s being copy-edited again, so there are only a few typos.

But very very good. Views Read Edit View history. Man, she’s such a brilliant, insightful detective, I can see why the cops need her for every monster-related case!

My last compliant is about the 4th marks. Jul 28, Gothmom rated it liked it. And the two explicit sex scenes are better-written and less icky than what I’ve come to expect from Hamilton. Case in point, we’re getting told all this but she still isn’t doing thing about the damn head, and it’s the end of the first chapter now.

In fact, she doesn’t share ANY information with the marshal division, even if it could help them in their other cases – she only drops relevant information when it allows her to be snotty to someone else about how ignorant they are. Other books in the series.

I wonder blaks many of those things will happen. As for the book itself, I loved it. Anna doesn’t fight her Omega status and by the end of Cry Wolf she knows how to wield her power. What made her so great is that she didn’t give a damn!!!

So yeah, considering how fucking pathetic the Harlequin turn out to be later in the book, the other marshals COULD have stopped the crimes by killing the criminal At first I was just going to read them on my own for lulz, but after the first chapter all four pages of it of Skin Trade, I realized I had to spork it. Is this feature helpful? The Anita Blake novels. I just couldn’t stay away. Totally forgotten by the beginning of this. Sep 288: Aided by sadistic serial killer Otto Jefferies, convenient sociopath Edward Kemper and fanged escorts handpicked by her lover Jean-Claude, U.


With his whole crew. OK frannita, ragamuffin, Lapisand whoever has finished Skin Trade But the vampire hunting, zombie raising, honor and justice of Anita Blake remains the same. Weak characters, weak plot Father of Day?

I always know it’s going to be an awesome one if Edward is involved. Can this be read glake a stand alone? I’d topped a hundred this year. Oh I can’t read this thread I’m going to pick up Skin Trade tomorrow!!

Anita Blake Essay Sale – ARDEUR edited by Laurell. K. Hamilton – Norilana

Get to Know Us. Random woo-woo is dragged in a witch Archangel this time before disappearing never to be seen again, random sex happens from related woo-woo. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. I enjoyed this more than Blood Noir and liked the new aniha in Law Vegas. Now Anita has three tiger breeds in her, no four.