And there’s Sharon Shinn’s Samaria series, which begins with Archangel (). David Weber’s Off Armageddon Reef () is clearly doing. Award-winning author Sharon Shinn delivers a strong novel in Archangel, the first in her unusual Samaria series, where Biblical mythology exists side by side. Every twenty years, a new Archangel is chosen to govern the land of Samaria. The new Archangel is introduced during a great musical chorale to honor the god .

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Apr 01, Shauna rated it really liked it Shelves: One male character expresses distress about it and everyone else smiles wryly and shrugs Nevertheless, I can’t deny I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and will definitely be picking up the fifth book, which continues the story with another character from this novel, if not the others, which are separate novels of their own.

The oracles have chosen for this honor the angel named Gabriel, and further decreed that he must first wed a mortal woman named Rachel.

You really have to be mature and patient to love this book, but as long as archagnel give it a fair chance, it will be so rewarding.

I think it’s just enough to show the religion in that world and the strength of the characters’ beliefs. He likes being Large and In Charge. Mar 16, Sharon rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Jansai, who are calculating and greedy merchants, and run the Edori slave, trade inhabit Jordana. But he is a leader extraordinaire and absolutely devoted to the cause of right in Samaria. Not only are we made to understand the heavy undertone of religion that surrounds this land, without it ever becoming preachy, we are also made to witness the politics that lie in the nation.


Though Gabriel plucks her from slavery, the two fight at once, since Rachel sides with the servants and Samaria’s downtrodden folk and distrusts angels; neither will she reveal whether she can sing, a talent vital to a successful Gloria Gabriel, of course, sings like a dream.

Now, since the paperback copy I own does not have anything but blurbs from Big Names In The Industry, I will give my own brief synopsis of this story: Bitten Kelley Armstrong 9.

Archangel by Sharon Shinn | : Books

One of my new favorite authors. Indeed, it nevertheless also provides a chronological list anyway. He takes Rachel away and expects her to be some little puppet for him as long as they need her to perform the ceremony. Shinn does not dawdle, wallow or pander.

To Rachel, Gabriel’s world seems like just another kind of prison and does everything in her power to make archangdl upcoming Archangel’s life as uncomfortable as possible. Shinn nullifies the internal and external theological dialogue in the novel with this outcome. Apr 09, Felicia rated it it was amazing Shelves: Light paranormal romance fans.


But underneath her hard exterior is a woman who is yearning to love yet no longer trusts love or good fortune. The leader of the Host at the Eyrie, Gabriel, is preparing to become the new Archangel at the Gloria – a mass sung on the Plain of Sharon – but must first find the woman whom Jovah has selected as his wife. A growing army of superhuman soldiers programmed for destruction. It took me a while to get into this one, and the ending could have been better.

Archangel by Sharon Shinn book review

They aren’t the only place names that sound familiar, there’s also Mount Sinai, the Plain of Sharon and the Galilee Ri There are five books out in this series, though each can be read as stand-alone novels.

Shinn’s books are like that for me. I’m baffled by how much people actually love this! I got totally sucked into this book. What I most hold dear, she must too because she doesn’t miss the point of what I believe to be the point of anything. And it could never quite decide if it was a clumsy little young adult bit of wanking, or something else.


Gabriel does eventually fall for Rachel. Refresh and try again. Magic Triumphs Ilona Andrews arcchangel. The story started off with Gabriel and Rachel being irritating.

Despite this, I still feel that the novel was well-written, contained good characterization, and raised interesting ideas.

No, don’t get me wrong – I loved it. Was Rachel’s contemplation of taking in another suitor mystifying? I get the music stuff.

Archangel by Sharon Shinn

Gabriel has known from a young age that he is to become an Archangel but waits until 5 months before he is to take the position to find his angelica. It is his destiny and hers. Trivia About Archangel Samari She sings beside the Archangel at the Gloria. Needless to say, the headstrong young woman and the impatient angel don’t get along and their relationship is strained. Sep 27, Keertana rated it really liked it Shelves: View all 4 comments. The setting is a fictional country called Samaria, where angels co-exist with humans and they pray to the god, Jovah for all kinds of intervention – weather, health and general well-being.

And the big question remains: Gabriel actually wasn’t enough of an asshole to deliberately deafen his ears to her, after all.