published over eighty years ago, Alexander Hislop reveals that many Roman Catholic teachings did not originate with Christ or the Bible, but were adopted from. As Duas Babilônias por Alexander Hislop. Previsão de lançamento para o primeiro semestre de · Image may contain . The Two Babylons or The Papal Worship Proved to be the Worship of Nimrod and His Wife By the Late Rev. Alexander Hislop.

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Now we find statements in their sacred books which prove that once a very different doctrine must have been taught.

Thus was it in the Eastat least five hundred years before the Christian era. He “illumines all, delights all, whence all proceeded; that by which they live when born, and that to which all must return” Veda. Hence, from Dheva or Theva”The Good,” naturally comes the Sanscrit, Devaor, without the digamma, as it frequently is, Deo”God,” the Latin, Deusand the Greek, Theosthe digamma in the original Thevo-s being also dropped, as novus in Latin is neos in Greek.

In prosecuting such an inquiry there are considerable difficulties to be overcome; for, as in geology, it is impossible at all points to reach the deep, underlying strata of the earth’s surface, so it is not to be expected that in any one country we should find a complete and connected account of the system established in that country.

The book has been published by various Protestant publishing houses over the years, one being Chick Publicationswhich is still publishing the book as of The gift of the ministry is one of the greatest gifts which Christ has bestowed upon the world. Some fundamentalist Protestants still regard Hislop’s book as proof that the Roman Catholic Church is, in fact, the continuation of ancient Babylonian religion. The reader must bear in mind, that even in Japan, still farther distant from Babel than China itself, one of the divinities is represented with the same symbol of might as prevailed in Assyria–even the bull’s horns, and is called “The ox-headed Prince of Heaven.

Third Maccabbees in its Cultural Context. But, in an evil hour, the Babylonian element was admitted into its ministry, and thenceforth, that which had been intended as a blessing, was converted into a curse.

This gave his work an appearance of being well-researched at the time of its publication. The emperor became a great patron of the Church, [ citation needed ] and set a precedent for the position of the Christian Emperor within the Church and the notion of orthodoxyChristendomand ecumenical councils that would be followed for centuries as the State church of the Roman Empire. That name, as found by Layard on the Assyrian monuments, is Ishtar. InConstantine issued the Edict of Milan legalizing Christian worship.

I have read that particular book and find it unconvincing and confusing in its own right and still feel that “The Two Babylons'” inclusion on this website is warranted as a scholarly work delving into the area of error within the church wherever it’s found and from wherever it came— ultimately IS Babylon. Hislop attempted to show that the cult and worship of Semiramis spread globally, her name changing with the culture.

  DECRETO LEY 3074 DE 1968 PDF

So also was the Pagan Pontiff of Rome.

Alexander Hislop

In the unity of that one Only God of the Babylonians, there were three persons, and to symbolise that doctrine of the Trinity, they employed, as the discoveries of Layard prove, the equilateral triangle, just as it is well known the Romish Church does at this day.

Now, when he had come, in the estimation of the Pagansto occupy the place of the representatives of Janus and Cybeleand therefore to be entitled to bear their keys, the Pope saw that if he could only get it believed among the Christians that Peter alone had the power of the keys, and that he was Peter’s successor, then the sight of these keys would keep up the delusion, and thus, though the temporal dignity of Rome as a city should decay, his own dignity as the Bishop of Rome would be more firmly established than ever.

The Papacy has in some of its churches, as, for instance, in the monastery of the so-called Trinitarians of Madrid, an image of the Triune God, with three heads on one body.

Rahm in Hebrew signifies “The merciful or compassionate one. Whatever important business was in hand, whatever deity was to be invoked, an invocation first of all must be addressed to Janus, who was recognised as the “God of gods,” in whose mysterious divinity the characters of father and son were combined, and without that no prayer could be heard–the “door of heaven” could not be opened.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Kennedy objects to the application of the name duzs Deva” to the triform image in the cave-temple at Elephanta, on the ground that that name belongs only to the supreme Brahm.

The sacred images are represented as adoring him, which could not have been the case if his own subjects did not pay their homage in that way. If the reader only considers the blasphemous assumptions of the Papacy, he will see how exactly it has copied from its original. OVID’s Fasti Very early, indeed, did the bishop of Rome show a proud and ambitious spirit ; but, for the first three centuriestheir claim for superior honour was founded simply on the dignity of their see, as being that of the imperial city, the capital of the Roman world.

Retrieved 8 July He is the guardian of disciplines, because the invention of geometry, reasoning, and language is referred to this god. Megaliths, Myths and Men: The other is the head of an old man, surmounted by a triangle.

All who have paid the least attention to the literature of Greece, Egypt, Phoenicia, or Rome are aware of the place which the “Mysteries” occupied in these countries, and that, hisop circumstantial diversities there might be, in all essential respects these “Mysteries” in the bavilonias countries were the same. It bears its Chaldean origin on its very forehead. But how little weight is in this, may be seen from the fact that it is this very term “Achad,” and that without the article, that is used in Deuteronomy, when the Unity of the Godhead is asserted in the most emphatic manner, “Hear, O Israel, Jehovah our God is one Jehovah,” i.


When, however, the seat of empire was removed to the East, and His,op threatened to eclipse Rome, some new ground for maintaining the dignity of the Bishop of Rome must be sought.

Panbabylonism has since been relegated to pseudohistory by some 20th-century scholars.

The Sovereign Pontiff The Two Babylons Alexander Hislop

But, while this is the case with Peter the Christianit can be shown to be by no means doubtful that before the Christian era, and downwards, there was a “Peter” at Rome, who occupied the highest place in the Pagan priesthood. Surely they have much reason to be proud of them. Peter’s keys have now been restored to their rightful owner. Thus does wlexander eye-witness describe such a pageant on the Lord’s Day, in the headquarters of Papal idolatry: While this had been the original way in which Pagan idolatry had represented the Triune God, alexaander though this kind of representation had survived to Sennacherib’s time, yet there is evidence that, at a very early period, an important change had taken place in the Babylonian notions in regard to the divinity; and that the three persons had come to be, the Eternal Father, the Spirit of God incarnate in a human mother, and a Divine Son, the fruit of that incarnation.

The Two Babylons: Trinity in Unity

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Now, what say the worshippers of the apostolic succession to all this? Slowly and cautiously at first was this power asserted; but the foundation being laid, steadily, century after century, alexanfer the grand superstructure of priestly power erected upon it.

What would Belshazzar himself say, if it were possible for him to “revisit the glimpses of the moon,” and enter St. These Mysteries were long shrouded in darkness, but now the thick darkness begins to pass away. This was the case in Babylon and Nineveh, as the extant monuments show. Surely he would conclude that he had only entered one of his own well known temples, and that all things continued as they were at Babylon, on that memorable night, when he saw with astonished eyes the handwriting on the wall: The Pope, therefore, when he set up as the High-priest of Janus, assumed also the ” jus vertendi cardinis ,” “the power of turning the hinge,”–of opening and shutting in the blasphemous Pagan sense.

Retrieved 2 June Both Bunsen and Layard in their researches have come to substantially the same result. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The excavations of Nineveh have put this beyond all possibility of doubt.