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Viaje alucinante

Wasn’t this movie based on an Isaac Asimov tale? Grant is ordered to accompany a group of scientists as they are miniaturized. However, the process requires an enormous input of energy to miniaturize even a small object for a short time.

The novel suggests two ways to solve the problem. Under conditions of absolute secrecy, the Soviets have developed a miniaturization technology that can reduce a human to the dimensions of a molecule, or smaller. Full Cast and Crew.

Viaje Alucinante

Unfortunately, he now lies in a comawith his secrets apparently locked away forever. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This film tells the story of a brilliant scientist who is injured on his way to offer the U.

Mono Westrex Recording System.

But Shapirov had been acquainted with an American scientist, Albert Jonas Morrison, who has his own peculiar theories regarding the brain’s processing and storage of creative thought. The story takes place in the mid to late 21st century: But in this world of ours where going to the moon will soon be upon us and where the most incredible things are happening all around us, someday, perhaps tomorrow, the fantastic events you are about to see can and will take place.

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Novels by Isaac Asimov. The first is when Grant, Cora, Duval, and Michaels all go to get air for refueling their air supply. During the mission inside Shapirov’s body, Morrison discovers that his programmed computer, instead of reading Shapirov’s thoughts, has actually been reading the thoughts of Morrison’s shipmates. Interestingly, in both occurrences, they all come back with perfect hairdos, with no indication of having gone swimming, like one would from swimming in a pool or in the ocean.


This novel is implied to be included in the fictional universe of the Robot series; near the end of the novel, an American scientist describes fictional components of a robotic positronic brain.

Asimov was never alicinante happy with the original novel because although he was able to change some of the scientific details, it was not entirely his own work. In order to save him, a submarine is shrunken to microscopic size and injected into his blood stream with a small crew. The second is when they go to remove the reticular fibers from the sub’s airvents. Frequently Asked Questions Q: Cora is also exempt from this: A scientist is nearly assassinated.

Fantastic Voyage () – IMDb

It is about a group of scientists who shrink to qsimov size in order to enter a human brain so that they can retrieve memories from a comatose colleague. As for practical applications for miniaturization, in addition to all of the obvious possibilities, the novel suggests that if a ship were reduced to the proper size, it could travel at many times the ordinary speed of light.

So, although miniaturization has been shown to be scientifically possible, it also appears to be economically impracticable – a hollow triumph. Later, having returned safely to normal size, but without any usable information from Shapirov, Morrison has made a new, startling discovery, which may help the Americans beat the Soviets at their own game. Destination Brain is not a sequel to Fantastic Voyagewhich is a novelization that Asimov wrote from the film of the same name.


Share this Rating Title: After a great deal of coercion, Morrison agrees to be miniaturized along with four Soviet scientists, enter Shapirov’s dying brain, and attempt to use his computer program to retrieve the thoughts contained therein. Despite the title, Fantastic Voyage II: That harnessed energy, then, could presumably be used to partially power the next miniaturization.

Views Read Edit View history. One is to capture the energy that’s released during deminiaturization and convert it into an electromagnetic field.

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Goofs Two times, people go swimming outside of the Proteus. However, in reducing Planck’s constant, the Soviet miniaturization process leaves the speed of light unchanged, and this is supposedly the reason for the extreme energy requirements.

Search for ” Fantastic Voyage ” on Amazon. Was this review helpful to you? That’ll teach you where to keep your hand. Retrieved from ” https: Fantastic Voyage 6. Shapirov claimed that that would lead to a very low cost miniaturization, but nobody else has any idea of how to accomplish it. One Soviet scientist, Pyotor Leonovich Shapirov, a pioneer of the miniaturization process, had spoken vaguely of a way to make it affordable. Duval Jean Del Val Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options.