You are here: Home · User Manuals · Inverters and Energy Recovery · Operating instruction; ACU Operating Instructions Frequency Inverter V / V. The safety instructions and information on use in this documentation must be Please note, that Bonfiglioli Vectron does not take any responsibility for the. 02/ Operating Instructions Agile. 3 Please note, that Bonfiglioli Vectron does not take any responsibility for the compatibility of external products (e.g.

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Bulk long distance conveying Overland conveyor. The parameter CAN-State gives information about the state of the physical layer.

The transitions are controlled via NMT telegrams. Key features Field-oriented control with or without encoder. In operation mode 2, the drive mechanism is decelerated independent of the stopping behavior set Parameter Operation mode according to stopping behavior 1 shutdown and switch-off.

Adjustment of the measurement with an analog signal of 10 V or 20 mA.

Division marks The number of increments of the connected speed sensor can be adjusted via the parameter Division marks speed sensor 2 Error And Warning Behavior If either of following situations should develop, the auto restart times will be reset: All the setting parameters for the configuration of the system bus are not directly accessible for the user. The unit may only be connected with the power supply switched off. Qualified persons within the meaning of this principal safety information are people acquainted with the erection, fitting, commissioning and operating of frequency inverters and the possible hazards and in possession of qualifications matching their activities.

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If the characteristic points are not suited for the type of characteristic selected, the characteristic points are corrected internally. Operation mode 0 -Error 1 -No Error Function The bonfigliolj bus master receives the emergency telegram and switches-off The Emergency Telegram is displayed as warning.

Due to the large bonfkglioli of remaining charges in the internal capacitors. The parameter Minimum Frequency is set to the value 0. The identifier of the SYNC telegram must be set identically in all nodes on the system bus.

If the vectrn holding time has expired, there is a fault message. Observe the climatic conditions according to standard EN and to the information on the label of the original packing. Volume Flow And Pressure Multi-function Output Mfo1 Operation mode 2- 66 Temp. A Power Disconnect or Circuit breaker must be installed between the AC power supply and the inverter. When the supply voltage of the frequency inverter is switched on, the EM-IO expansion bonviglioli is ready for operation.

The planning of the system bus is done in three steps: The EM-IO expansion module is an optional hardware component to extend the functionality of the frequency inverter. Brake resistors Type BR: Selecting The Destination The factory setting for the bus termination is OFF.

Worcestershire B98 9PB Tel. Handle carefully and avoid mechanical overload. Responsibility for compliance with and examination of the limit values of the EMC product standard EN for variable-speed electrical drive mechanisms is with the manufacturer of the industrial plant or machine. Errorswitch-off can be acknowledged via the control unit or the digital input.

Application and precautions of Peripherals From the Power Source Apply the power source at the correct rated voltage to prevent from damaging the inverter.



Selecting The Source A PDO transfer is only possible in the Operational state. The Reference frequency sourceand the Reference percentage source determine the additive connection of the available reference sources as a function of the installed hardware.

Enter text from picture: But now, the functions A and B are in frequency inverter 1 and function C in frequency inverter 2. Grounding circuitry must not be formed when grounding several inverters together.

Bonfiglioli act 401 Manuals

As a supplement to the messages documented in these operating instructions, the following failure keys are activated by the EM-IO expansion module.

There is a new boot-up message. As a special feature, the properties of the CAN bus mean that the messages transmitted by one node can be received by a number of nodes simultaneously.

Rated Motor Parameters Control Menu ctrl With this command, individual nodes or all the nodes can be started together. The actual speed source is speed sensor 2 of the EM-IO expansion module.

The setting of the operation mode is done via the following parameters: Asynchronous AC motors Permanent magnet synchronous brushless motors. The characteristic point 1, with the coordinates X1 and Y1, and the characteristic point 2, with the coordinates X2 and Y2, are to be set in the four data sets.

As an extension, a number of frequency inverters can also exist on the receive side Rxthese then being supplied with data parallel and simultaneously. This assignment corresponds to an alignment to a central master control.