Against Postmodernism has 71 ratings and 11 reviews. Alex said: Callinicos’ argument is to reject postmodernism as a ‘retreat’ by the intellectuals of th. Criticisms of postmodernism, while intellectually diverse, share the opinion that it lacks . Alex Callinicos attacks notable postmodern thinkers such as Baudrillard and Lyotard, . Alex Callinicos, Against Postmodernism: A Marxist Critique Trove: Find and get Australian resources. Books, images, historic newspapers, maps, archives and more.

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Against Postmodernism: A Marxist Critique

The defeat of first the German and then the Russian Revolutions therefore undercut the base of the avant-garde. As Callinicos argues, postmodernists argue BOTH that postmodernity is a separate stage of history, and it isn’t; postmodern art is a continuation of modern art, but it also isn’t; postmodernism is anti-revolutionary, but holds Walter Benjamin and other revolutionary thinkers up as precursors.

Toward Renewal in Cultural and Literary Studies. I really appreciate what Callinicos tries to achieve and restore here.

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Against Postmodernism by Alex Callinicos

Not worth your time. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. The Limits of Communicative Reason. Moreover, the internationalisation of capital does not signal a new, stable phase of capitalist expansion; it has rather been a major factor in making the world economy more unstable since the late s. And of course, postmodern social theory from Lyotard disparaged so-called ‘metanarratives’ and insisted on the fragile, fragmented, fluctuating, mobile, and chaotic nature of the social reality against any kind of explanation.

While inherent sexism in North America is open to hostile critique as it should be according to Wheenaccording to postmodern thought it is taboo to critique honour killings and female genital mutilation in North Africa and the Middle East. And it denies that recent socio-economic developments represent any fundamental shift from classical patterns of capital accumulation.


The third ingredient of Postmodernism is the theory of postindustrial society developed by sociologists such as Daniel Bell in the early s. Takes the theory on at its level and breaks it down.

Because that which is external to the present is ‘unnameable’ because it is outside discourse, Derrida denies himself the means by which he can analyse cwllinicos social forces behind racial apartheid, for example which he attempts to do in his work.

Firstly the concept of ‘modern’ is explained as the sweeping up of traditional societies by various events: This switches in Chapter 2 to an understanding of modernist art and commodification. Full text available at: Specifically it is held that calinicos can be meaningless, promotes obscurantism and uses relativism in culture, morality, knowledge to the extent that it cripples most judgement calls.

Postmodernism, Alex Callinios argues, reflects the disappointed revolutionary postmodernixm of ’68, and the incorporation of many of its members into the porfessional and managerial ‘new middle class’.

One of the very criticisms of postmodernism, as a whole, is the absence of a definition of what postmodernism in itself is and even what specific post-modern anything is. None of this stands up to serious examination. In the meantime revolutionary socialists must denounce it as the abomination that it is.

If they can’t be met, then I’d suggest recourse to Hume’s advice in similar circumstances: The problem is that one category is reduced to another.

Postmodern philosophy is also a frequent subject of criticism frequently for obscurantism and resistance to reliable knowledge. The result was the emergence of a substantial cllinicos layer that is both economically prosperous and politically disillusioned. In both Nietzsche and Foucault we see thought here reduced to interpretation and thus an irrational perspectivism or relativism is introduced. The article was enthusiastically accepted for publication by the journal Social Text despite the obvious lampooning of postmodernists view of science.

The chapter then turns to the genesis of modernism in history, with some nuanced analyses that require postmodernisk background in the history of art that I don’t really have. Danny Wardle rated it really liked it Jan 01, The origins of this theory are located in the philosophy of Nietzsche, specifically the ‘fiction’ of the subject, the plural nature of the self and the idea of ‘will to power’, and how thought is simply expressive agqinst this power.


Deleuze argues that the body as commonly understood is a reified form around organicity rather than a deterritorialised ‘smooth space’. Callinicos’ objective is to back this up with evidence. Customers who bought this item also bought. An interesting reformulation of Perry Anderson’s postmovernism regarding fin-de-siecle European society end of 19th c. Thanks for telling us about the problem.


Sign in Create an account. Their aim was to subvert art as an autonomous institution as part of the more general struggle to revolutionise society.

Against postmodernism : a Marxist critique / Alex Callinicos – Details – Trove

He has authored many books including Making History Thus, even though Callinicos is right to claim that there is not a postmodfrnism phenomenon as “post-modernism” but an intensification of 19th century modernism, some of his arguments seem to0 farfetched and shallow, that in some parts it becomes hard to distinguish him from the writers he criticizes. It is best read as a symptom of political frustration and social mobility rather than as a significant intellectual or cultural phenomenon in its own right.

Moreover, much agaainst what is written in support of the idea that we live in a postmodern qgainst seems to me of small calibre intellectually, usually superficial, often ignorant, sometimes incoherent.

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For example, a philosopher may criticize French postmodern philosophy but have no problem with postmodern cinema.