When I use the built in vertiy search engine, everything works fine except my resul ts page provides duplicates of every result. I am using. Actually, you have two great engines for CF9: Verity (classic) and Solr (modern). Both of them implement the idea of collections. Creating and maintanence of the . The Verity Search’97 indexing and searching technology, which has been incorporated into ColdFusion, provides a means for creating collections of indexed.

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Keywords appear only if the search criteria is not met. Note that no processes can be using a collection at the same time it’s being updated.

How Do I Use Verity Collections?

Veirty, September 03, Comments: It searches two collections Collection1 and Collection2 for any records that contain the word Bethesda and a word starting with doldfusion letters C-O-H but that does NOT contain the word Eron: The search engine for the collection: Naturally, in the real world, you would probably have a form field or some other mechanism for ascertaining the search criteria.

To include an operator in a search, you surround it with double quotation marks: But I search around with no luck about any tutorial to tell me how to done this, even a tutorial is missing, or I think I don’t found it.


First, you must query your database to return the records you wish to index: Plus it runs hundreds of times faster to boot! Finding ColdFusion help Configuring: A collection is a special database created by Verity that contains pointers to the indexed data that you specify for that collection.

Added information on the status structure and its associated keys.

Variable Description found The number of documents that contain the search criteria. You should save these templates to a directory on your server and then run them in the order that they are listed here.

They might not work, and might cause an error, in later releases. This is all discussed in ckldfusion detail later on.

Configuring: Creating Verity collections in ColdFusion : iPage Knowledgebase

Starting with ColdFusion MX 7, you cannot use the cfcollection coldfusoon to create alias names for existing collections.

If the action is create and the collection exists, ColdFusion also creates a map to the collection.

The key is Verity which I read it is the best tool to do the indexing and searching in my database content. Also I can recommend to set up the script executed by scheduler to refresh your collection periodically. First of all, the Verity indexes tend to get bloated after a while.


Creating a Collection

There are definitely some things a developer needs to be aware of so that they can steer-clear of potential problems. I’ve tested both operators and they colvfusion work great! All you need after that is to use cfsearch. Changed Verity operations behavior: Updating records in your index The process is similar to adding a new record to the index.

ColdFusion support Getting Started: Can I done it in Coldfusion server? Retrieves categories from the collection and indicates how many documents are in each one.

How Do I Use Verity Collections? – Intermedia Knowledge Base

This is one of the pitfalls of using Verity. A message will display to indicate whether the initial creation of the collection was successful. In a multiple collection search, you cannot combine collections that are registered with K2Server and registered in another way. In the Verity Collections section, enter the name of the collection. You can manage collections using cfcollection tag.

Notice that we do not use signs around our column names.