Department: Computer Science and Engineering Subject Code/Name: CS – Theory of Computation Document Type: Question Bank Website: niceindia. Theory of Computation Anna university Question paper Month/year Subject Download link May / June QP: TOC. Anna University B E /B Tech Examination May/June Department of CSE Fifth Semester CS Theory of Computation Question paper.

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Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms The intent of this course is to introduce the fundamental techniques in the design and analysis of computer algorithms. Graphs compufation simple graph algorithms: Topics include abstract data types, lists, stacks, queues, trees and graphs. Efficient implementation of lists, sets, dictionaries, priority queues, trees, graphs, and networks using arrays, hash tables, heaps, and hierarchical linked structures.

Topics which will be studied include: Analyzed sorting algorithms include radix sort, quicksort, mergesort and heapsort. Application of correctness proof techniques. Informal introduction cs1303-theoryy logical notation and reasoning.

CR: Survey of theory requirements in other Canadian Honours programs

B-trees, heaps and graphs. That is a G string is in L G if: VICTORIA MATH Logic and Foundations Logic and quantifiers, basic set theory, mathematical induction and recursive definitions, divide and conquer recurrence relations, properties of integers, counting, functions and relations, countable and uncountable sets, asymptotic notation.


I An introduction to algorithm design and analysis. There is a unique transition on each input symbol. Intermediate Data Structures and Algorithms Formal abstract data types; tree representations and searching: CMPT Design and Analysis of Computing Algorithms Models of computation, methods of algorithm design; complexity of algorithms; algorithms on graphs, NP-completeness, approximation algorithms, selected topics Choice: Unprovability of formulae in certain systems.

CS | CS | CS Theory of Computation |

The concept of abstract data types. Views Read View source View history. Undecidability of problems in computation, including the halting problem. Write examples with diagrams. What cs130-3theory deductive proof?

CS Discrete Structures I Introduces topics in discrete mathematics important in Computer Science, including propositional logic, predicate logic, proofs, sigma notation, mathematical induction, elementary set theory and asymptotic analysis. Specific topics include priority queues, sorting, dictionaries, data structures for text processing. Correctness proofs for both recursive and iterative program constructions.

The theory of sets, relations and functions. Home You are here: COMP – Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science An introduction to the set theory, logic, integers, combinatorics and functions for today’s computer scientists. It introduces the design and analysis of algorithms, the management of information, and the programming mechanisms and methodologies required in implementations.

CS Theory of Computation April/May

Formal proof systems for propositional and predicate logic. Whenever possible applications from computing and information technology will be included. CMPT Data Structures and Programming Introduction to a variety of practical and important data structures and methods for implementation and for experimental and analytical evaluation.


One or more advanced topics will be chosen from the following areas: An introduction to lower bounds and intractability. Context free languages are used in: CS Algorithms The study of efficient algorithms and effective algorithm design techniques.

Name of the College: Discrete structures as they apply to computer science, algorithm analysis and design. The emphasis is on using these structures and assessing the relative effectiveness of alternative implementations. Considers worst-case, average-case and amortized analyses. Use and development of precise formulations of mathematical ideas.

These expressions are used by many text editors and utilities to search computaion of text for certain patterns etc. Introduction to order-of-magnitude complexity. The basics of counting: Introduction to assertions and loop invariants.