IRFZ44N Transistor Datasheet, IRFZ44N Equivalent, PDF Data Sheets. MOSFET. Parameters and Characteristics. Electronic Component Catalog. IRFZ44N IRFZ44 N 49A 55V Transistors HexFET Power MosFET International Rectifer. Part Number: IRFZ44N Amps: 49A Full Datasheet: IRFZ44N. IRFZ44N. Features. Dynamic dv/dt Rating Repetitive Avalanche Rated °C Operating Temperature Ease of Paralleling Fast Switching for High Efficiency.

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IRFZ44N Datasheet

Are you certain that at the current levels this FET will be operating under that you can afford almost 2x the power dissipation? Wawa Shannon Member Posts: That chip if for direct driving small LEDs sink only.

You should datashedt pretty much the same performance from the IRZ44Ns. WhatRoughBeast 49k 2 28 The chip can indeed sink more current than it can source.

Carry on, while I go over here and hide. To answer the original question: But I agree the PCA would make more sens here. What I’m trying to say is that unless you know why the original units failed, just replacing them does not address the reason for the failure, and it may well recur. That would encourage people to look at them to help you. It would be polite to link to the datasheets for both datahseet. Brendan Simpson 1, 3 Don’t care about their difference in power.


Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. It seems you’re using the wrong parts to control LED strips. Only the positive rail of the SMPS are cooked, but the negative rails are still in good condition. The on resistance is not the same.

If this dwtasheet already a way over spec’d part it would be one thing, but this is likely not true in a power supply this answer is incorrect. The gate threshold is the same, the unit ON-resistance is about the same, and the max currents are about the same. Wawa on Aug 14, And the fet is not a logic level fet, so can’t be driven with 5volt logic.

Use fricking code tags!!!!

It can directly drive the logic level mosfets for your LED strips. But is will invert the PWM and you might not be able to dim fully to off because the leds will now be on in a blank period.

mosfet – Can I replace FP50N06 with IRFZ44N? – Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

It’s generally not a good idea to under-spec a replacement part, especially if the original failed in the application it was designed for.

That is dafasheet say, they may well cook too.

I suggest finding a better FET, there are literally thousands of them in that package that would do the job at least as well as the OEM solution, if not better. MarkJhomelOlimon – Sorry, I’m not psychic. NEW Library to make fading leds a piece of cake https: I would add a ohm resistor between chip output and gate to limit switch satasheet. Because of this you’ll want to add a master MOSFET on the 12v line that will keep it closed until your contraption is ready for work, because if you don’t, all the strips will turn fully on on startup producing bright white.


Why are newbies always great in ignoring posts they don’t understand it A PCA breakout board Adafruit or ebay could do what you want.

And you do remember how well they worked, right? Ricardo 4, 14 37 Obviously the upper units cooked because they got hot. If irfz444n, is there a transistor that allows me to hookup the LEDs in a similar fashion?

IRFZ44N Datasheet PDF –

Not nice and too much strain on your power supply. Can I replace it without major consequences? Unless you can be sure that both transistors are way over-spec’d for this application, you must care about the differences datashret them. Not important if you use logic fets to drive e. Sir I was an IT student but I want daasheet repair my Amplifier on my own, I knew a lot of things about basic electronics, however, I failed many times in troubleshooting an amplifier.

Like an Arduino pin, it has no current limiting.