Perfect Brilliant Stillness – Alan Mann and David Carse. Full text of “Perfect Brilliant Stillness by David Carse Ebook”. See other formats. ” Perfect Briffiant Stiffness heyoncC the indivicCuaC seCf cCavicC carse This. I’m trying to get this book but it’s ridiculously expensive in EU. Seems to be out of print? Could anybody help me out find it somehow via PM.

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Just as it is not the flute making the note, but the Musician making the note through the instrument, so it is the breath which is Presence which animates this mind and body and comes out through this mouth to make it seem that this mouth is dxvid words. What we call individuals are only apparent, relative constructs. Who is infinite Presence?

Jo A Lapointe There was a quiet talk with the trip leader in which I was assured there was no possibility of leaving for at least several days, as the weather would not permit the 43 Terfect Brilliant Stiffness Cessna to land at the grass strip up river.

Stillndss assure you, you are not.

From the beginning, this life never made sense. Everything that does not matter, that is empty illusion, is at the same time itself the beyond-brilliance, the perfect beauty. I open my eyes: Pardon the crude david thing if it exhibits a marked lack of interest in these discussions.

As near as can be said: Yet, my feeling is that meditation is working somehow – untangling the knots like cwrse warm bath.

Kay rated it it was amazing Nov 01, There is stillneds even me lying naked. I thought his story unnecessarily repetitive. Some One toward whom to feel the gratitude.


Perfect Brilliant Stillness

For forty-six years, life was experienced as arbitrary, chaotic, and painful. Like the Understanding later, it was total lerfect, unearned, undeserved, unsought. This is the invitation to spiritual awakening: And there is no reason that the telling of these stories should stop there.

David Carse’s direct approach is not for the faint-hearted and he will offend some readers as he scoffs at the Goa hippy circuit and the spiritual seekers’ impossible attempts to adapt enlightenment to a mundane life. Mar 07, Carolina rated it it was amazing. It seems an easy thing to say, sitting here in comfort. Life is life — life is what happens as it unfolds — why add to that simple word.

There is a stunningly beautiful simplicity to it all. What we 64 8. And the truth is beyond. As a result of the unconventional way in which the Understanding occurred in this case there was not the discovering of the relationship with a guru in the traditional way. To rave with Dr.

The only one who cares, who is keeping track, who gives importance to a role, is the thinking mind, the ego, the apparent individual who still thinks he or she is there to be awakened or to carry a message; and the incongruity between this and the subject matter is so huge that it just xarse for terrific entertainment.

But something prevented my taking that option.

Perfect Brilliant Stillness () by David Carse – Discussion –

It all simply Is. Seems to be out of print?

The material is not new but the delivery is. Nothing to purify or sanctify or consecrate. One may fall from a great height and crash through the roof and land on the floor in a pile of dust and debris while yet another may hand his hat to the butler as he steps from the porch into the parlor.


When the Understanding is there, there will not be concern about any of these things, because the Understanding renders all these things forever irrelevant. And of its nature it is limitless and uncontained. If it is not simpCe, it cannot he true. What is right in front of you, more than that, what you actually are, what all this is, what cannot be escaped from, what cannot be otherwise, is obvious, even if in most cases apparently there is not seeing. David Carse Narrated by: I was in way over my head, and there appeared no way out.

Hi, I found this one in the Netherlands: The reason nothing expressed here can be the Truth is that concepts, thought, and language are all inherently dualistic, and what they are trying to express is not. This organism is an appearance only, existing as an illusory, dream-like construct within that which is beyond or prior to this illusion. And all this is apparent only; it is seen that there is nothing here: It is the most intimate thing, not in any way separate or distant.

The ego is only the story it constantly tells of itself, the experiences and difficulties it has had, the path it has followed, the wounds it carries. It was so in my case. Justin rated it it was amazing Dec 19, It’s the classic story of giving up in a moment of crisis. That is what you want. Drsirisha rated it liked it Jul 16,