ANATE is a psychological technique. Imagine holding your wallet in full view and asking a spectator to name a card. The card is then instantly pulled from your. Anate Extended represents a milestone in the development of this technique. Since the original release, this has become an incredibly popular tool, much more. Also if the force does not hit Dee gives a few different outs, one is amazingly bold that will work and the other is a very clever piece that has its.

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Time to get out my storm trouper outfit and rock the town. Stop sitting on the fence on this one!

There is chrisgopher indexing, no gimmicks, no stacks, no nothing. Nov 20, Messages: When I first read it, I did not read the full thing and found out how it was done and wanted to bang my head on my office desk!

Anate Extended – Dee Christopher

As mentioned before, this is a psychological technique. Christopheer proud to have the strongest Shipping Guarantee in all of magic. In summary it is evident to me that this piece is a very strange one. I think before I start to use it I need to make sure I have sufficient “outs” just in case.

The Magic Cafe Forums – “Anate” By Dee Christopher

So you will need to own the original manuscript or buy the bundle to make any sense of it all! Apr 15, A crazy way to launch our new website. It just takes a bit of confidence and audience management, there are plenty of outs you can use when you miss so that the spectators will be not even know. When it works, it appears to be real magic.


ANATE: Dee Christopher

christophdr View our Frequent Questions. First time I did it the reaction was “I was determined to name a six but then for some reason I changed my mind at the last moment – and named the card on the table”. In all honesty I’m gutted that hes putting it out as I have been rocking this for about a month ree and it is an absolute stormer. A Spectator is told that you have a card in your wallet – they are asked to name a number for the value of the card, then they are asked to name the suit that this card is.

As Dee said, this is a psyche force but ante is SO much more than that. View our magic tricks index.

xee I’ll have to check out the Spelmann notes, I’m at Nardi’s next week so I’ll get him to fish out a copy!! You need to put in a lot of hard work and hard thinking to make it work to suit your performing style. We’re proud to let you read our mail. Short and to the point, this Anate Extended Ultimate Edition christopner get your mind reeling with possibilities.


In the way that it seems boring. This is a not to be missed release and I can’t wait for the reviews to flood in! Dec 13, Messages: ANATE was interesting to say the least.

His approach in this work is one to which I not only relate, but applaud. This in itself is a good value-added bonus to Anate.

Sep 20, Messages: Beware if you live in a country where the main language isn’t English I can’t use it in my performances but I must admit that the idea is great, just not for me. Just interested in some of the material. Anate – Dee Christopher. Christtopher like real magic and phychological forcecan’t wait for more info.

The card face down on the table is exactly how I perform it – though again, it does sound de free than yours. The effect is just that clean. As previously mentioned, this is a psychological technique. Just joined the forums and lo and behold look what Christopheer find!

Also dont usually review anything that i have not tried in the real world.