Desertion — Ch. 4 (Clifford D. Simak, ). It was not the Jupiter he had known through the televisor. He had expected it to be different, but not. Desertion — Ch. 1 (Clifford D. Simak, ). Four men, two by two, had gone into the howling maelstrom that was Jupiter and had not returned. Simak, C.D., , Desertion, in Rabkin, E.S. (ed) Science Fiction: A Historical Anthology Oxford University Press, New York –

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She doesn’t have either the will or the power to stop what she clearly believes is a death sentence? By destroying human notions of our own importance through upbeat story telling “Desertion” takes on a unique anti- and post-humanist outlook, which uses technology not so that we can become more human, but so we can become something totally alien.

Jenkins travels to Geneva, where a last small group of humans sleep in suspended animation. Novels by Clifford D. Before it is driven away, Jenkins’s new telepathic sense enables him to read the creature’s mind to discover how it moves from world to world.

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Learn more on my Disclosure page. Fowler, unable to bear sending more of his subordinates to possible deaths, volunteers himself to be converted.

He eventually does return, to share with all humankind what he has discovered. But if I imagine it is another planet somewhere else I can suspend my disbelief for the story. Simak’s vision of human apocalypse is unusual, not one of destruction, but simply of isolation. The Dogs leave Earth for one of the other worlds. Hydroponic farming and decentralized power allow small communities to become self-sufficient. There are better ways of doing things than sending off random people in the hopes that eventually someone will come back.

They leave the station in their new form and desertio Jupiter as a paradise. This is the kind of story that makes me love science fiction. Simak wrote the ninth and last tale in the City saga intwenty-two years after he wrote the previous episode. Although not clifrord known today a phrase variations of which will come up over and over in the prefaces to this seriesbefore his death in Clifford Simak was considered one of the great names of science fiction. Lists with This Book.

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All of them are significantly intelligent, and Simak appears to mean clifforx they were so all the while even though humans were not able to notice it. Simak This story is about pantropy, the human modification of ourselves for space exploration, rather than environmental modification. Heyne Jahresband Science Fiction It would be pointless to do so if people could only live in domes such as these, as that would expend far more resources than could ever be obtained from the planet.

Instead of modifying themselves and their human functions through technology Fowler and his dog completely change species. Viewing Jupiter as a Loper is different than as a human, Fowler is surprised that the environment, perceived as hostile by humans, is quite pleasant as a Loper.

Poorly equipped for thinking, poorly equipped in certain sense that one has to have to know. The Road to Science Fiction 3: Finally, the scientist transforms himself and his canine companion into the seal-like beings that can survive the surface.

City (novel) – Wikipedia

I think this is one of the best short sorties I’ve read in a while, i totally recommend reading this book just because of the ending and the descriptions and the writing style. Pages to import images to Wikidata.

The fixup [1] novel describes a legend consisting of eight tales that the pastoral, pacifist Dogs recite as they pass down an oral legend of a creature known as Man.

This story lacks however, any characteristic post modern nihilism, making it hard to categorize. Although the quasi-military-scientific bits are fairly standard fare, Simak rises to the occasion with some excellent writing about the higher state which five other humans have clearly preferred before the previously dutiful administrator decides to go AWOL – and we get a talking dog to boot!

The science fiction element other than the Jovian location lies in the physical transmutation through biological science of humanity into A story about human settlement of the planets which is of its period in postulating a ‘patriotic’ though to a species, our own, not a nation willingness to sacrifice oneself for the sake of the future – albeit that we have the absurdity of sacrificing fit young males who are the future.


That alone fixes most of the plot holes being brought up. Simak infollows the story of an army commander and his dog. References to this work on external resources. I am fond of City A different strategy, so far beyond our current technology, but it would be interesting to see this implemented on a simpler scale, ie, not altering our environment, but learning to live with it.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. LdSe rated it it was amazing Jun 14, To the human, Jupiter is a hostile environment with terrible wind storms. I linked a comic book adaptation of it recently. They clearly used probes to find out what the planet’s environment was like. Otherwise why introduce ‘the biologists’ if Miss Stanley is right there to carry on the conversation?

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They knew how important this was. Flowers for Algernon is older than I thought.

Desertion by Clifford D. Simak

The head of the program may have no moral option but to change tack. The story was easy to follow but still interesting. Michael Hall rated it it was amazing Feb 17, Sep 25, Jordan rated it it was ok. The tales primarily focus around the Webster family and their robot servant, Jenkins.

Special thanks to one of my readers, Wagers, for pointing out this great story! The story is set on Jupiter, where a military commander, Harold Fowler, has been losing men in his attempt to colonize sesertion planet.

I believe I read this one before, years ago. Log clifforr No account?