Esse interesse é usualmente apresentado como um novo desenvolvimento na teoria antropológica e os seus possíveis antecedentes, como o difusionismo e a . Afora o fato de vir a confirmar que os antropólogos preferem fazer prosa sem . e nas interconexões concretas, quase como uma retomada do difusionismo. Antropología Difusionista. Diego Cubillos; 3 videos; 43 views; Last updated on Mar 31, Play all. Share. Loading Save.

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Recovering the African past would be an important contribution to Black cultural pride and to the combat against racial discrimination: New York, Boni difusionisno Livreright.

Minneapolis, University of Minnesota Press. Durham-London, Duke University Press, New York, Whittlesey House.

Difusionisme (arqueologia)

Boundaries diffusionismo Grounds of a Field Science. Cadernos de Conjuntura, These alternative models of ethnography stem from extensive survey, which, as George Stockinghas shown, has been a neglected step in the history of the invention of classical Malinowskian fieldwork. As to convergence, as Christoph Bruman has suggested, it could provide a corrective to our contemporary dependence on the metaphors of circulation as the exclusive way of addressing cultural creativity and change.

Boston, MA, Beacon Press. Focusing on the works of Melville Herskovits and Roger Bastide, this article argues for a less biased imaged of acculturation theory and stresses the ways in which some of its achievements can inspire current approaches to cultural globalization.


Berkeley, University of California Press.

The Politics of Religious Synthesis. Acculturation theory and its discontents.

A energia da antropologia: The whole research history of Herskovits, who did fieldwork in Surinam, Trinidad, Haiti, Dahomey and Brazil, always looking at the same problems, can be seen as an example of an old and more demanding version of multi-sited fieldwork.

Malden, MA, and Oxford, Blackwell, In this sense, globalization is a powerful factor of cultural and social differentiation that cannot be examined solely in terms of Herskovitsian counter-acculturation.


New York, Alfred Knopf. Similarly, in some of the papers he digusionismo in the s, Herskovits was eager to admit his initial Africanist excesses: Strategies for Entering and Leaving Modernity. Tourism, Museums, and Heritage. That is not my argument. Sometimes, some of these distinct ways of living can be hybridized.

Tomlinson ; Agier Sem falar de outros temas, aparentemente menos nobres, mas extremamente reveladores em sua linguagem. Even if we adopt a conservative position on that issue, we must recognize that contemporary globalization has not only multiplied and intensified the flows of people, culture and values, but it is also linked to the rise of unprecedented and novel kind of flows.

One of the main goals of Herskovits was to explain why some aspects of African cultures in the New World were more resilient than difusionisko. Berkeley, Berkeley University Press. Having previously done fieldwork difusionidmo Surinam, Trinidad, Haiti and Dahomey, Herskovits could not but be aware of the extent to which African heritage had been transformed in the US. He also regarded acculturation as a kind of technique for the social advancement of Brazilian Black population:.


We are more attentive — as I have previously emphasized — to issues of agency and power.

An Introduction to Actor-Network-Theory. Re-reading acculturation theory 2. Puissances et Latences abtropologia la Religion Catholique. Neither could it be. Portanto, estamos diante de dois desenvolvimentos que por assim dizer se atropelam.

Contextualização da disciplina Antropologia e cultura brasileira – ENGENHARIA

New York, Columbia University Press. Meanwhile, it explores the relations between globalization as perspective and globalization as myth as opposed to globalization as objectwith a “spirit of epoch” manifested transversally in various domains, both in forms of knowledge and social practices in general. The dialogue between the two anthropologists was rather ambivalent. Re-reading acculturation theory 1. While first generation diffusionists were mostly interested in contact between different Native-American cultures, acculturation theorists privileged antropoolgia cultural consequences of Westernization among Native-American cultures and later among African cultures in the New World.

Newsletter informativa Newsletter do OpenEdition. The University of Chicago Press.