DISOGRIN Asymmetrical U-Cup. Rod series U-cup with an asymmetrical profile of the sealing lips, chamfered sealing edges. Knife cut static and dynamic lips for . The Disogrin RO Rod Seal offers superb sealing performance as either a primary or secondary sealing element. ROXXU, Disogrin Asymmetrical Rod Seal . Shopping and catalog features will not work without cookies. polyurethane U Disorigin Simrit O-Rings. Choose from the simrit oring catalog at MFP Seals. View Disogrin. For pricebreaks, please login to your.

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Inertia and gas loads as well as high. The standard seal has been designed to replace an O-ring without back-ups. Unloaded piston U-cups are also available with anti-extrusion rings.

Easy to install and low cost. Shelf life is difficult to quantify as many variables affect the hose.

O-RING DISOGRIN – Product Details

Failure to follow the safety rules and other More information. Applications of Pneumatics and Hydraulics Unit Es ter Important NotesThe technical information provided on this specification sheet is for general guidance only and values may vary with the specific parameters and other variables disogrun an application. Please see Design Tolerance section for complete details on machine tolerances. Capable of withstanding pressures up to 6, psi and F intermittentthe PI Piston Seal is excellent choice for those tough applications with high pressures or temperatures where other seals fail.

Vickers Hydraulic Pump on Boeingand Aircraft. Jump to imperial unloaded U-cup sizes. The unique thing about this series is that it will interchange with existing seals already being used. Efficient Air Wiper – T.


The series with rectangular cross section is designed to withstand PSI working Max. Disoyrin rod seal leakage test, the double-lipped rod style unloaded U-cup had better performance then the conventional U-cup. Series is a rectangular cross section. This seal can be used to upgrade existing designs as well as as diskgrin provide a positive seal for newly designed products.

Lagging for Pulleys Lagging CaPaBiLities Baldor Dodge conveyor pulleys can be provided with high quality lagging designed to ensure maximum belt and pulley life in tough applications.

No adhesion effect on sliding surface, even after long standstill. Because of the unique unit loading, they are a very positive, no drift seal. Prevents damages caused by back pressure. Introduction and overview of components, circuit.

May be marginal in some brands. Unlike the others, this seal is much wider to give maximum resistance to spiral failure.


To use this website, vatalog must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. A hydraulic cylinder seal is used to seal two surfaces under fluctuating pressure.

This is supplied in a 10m roll that can be cut according to the cylinder diameter. Having given due consideration to all aspects of disogrun shaft seal assembly including the bore, the shaft, and the design of the seal itselfwhat remains is to successfully More information. Surface Finish The chart below provides a general guideline on surface finish. The PI is resistant to pressure spikes and diesel effect.

O-Rings: O-Rings

The design of the valve. File with maintenance More information. The rod style unloaded U-cup was developed to extend serviceability and improve reliability in rod sealing.

Truck Injection Molding Std. This series is also rectangular in design. Has excellent wear resistance and sealing ability. Having given due consideration to all aspects of the shaft seal assembly including the bore, the shaft, and the design of the seal itselfwhat remains is to successfully. Please consult our engineering group for details.


The initial sealing is achieved by the diametrical squeeze in a right angled groove. Selecting a mechanical shaft seal Mechanical shaft seal types and sealing systems 1. The type of crusher used will depend on a variety of factors including the type of mine. Wiper Operation – m.

It’s a double-lip all rubber wiper seal that prevents oil scraping off. High Speed Hydraulic Motors. This provides extra lubrication for reduced breakaway and running friction. The system pressure More information. For more demanding applications with higher temperatures and pressure, other designs should be considered. Easy to install, no resizing.

The piston L43 is fitted to seal pressure on visogrin sides of the piston, and the angled bushes act as guide elements. This type of seal design will not withstand a great amount of side loading. The geometry of the M-Seal allows a fluid reservoir between the two disoogrin of the M in between the two separate sealing surfaces.

Boost Your Bottom Line! The rod style unloaded U-cup was designed with a shorter, heavier inside sealing lip to achieve a higher initial sealing force on the tube.

It’s designed for the smaller section, and is able Max. SKF bushings, thrust washers and strips.