Pam Bachorz is the author of young adult novels CANDOR and DROUGHT. A young girl thirsts for love and freedom, but at what cost? Ruby dreams of escaping the Congregation. Escape from slaver Darwin West and his cruel Overseers. Seventeen-year-old Ruby has special blood that, when mixed with water, helps her fellow Congregants. She longs to help her people escape enslavement, and .

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A thorough analysis, Carrie, and I was intrigued to pa how your English essays were marked. I’m glad she wants to do something about the situation she and her group is in, but arghhh.

Yingling January 26, droguht Sula’s community are harvesters of water, spending their days scraping drops with a spoon from living leaves into pewter cups. Escape from living as if it is stillthe year they were all enslaved. If your looking for a dystopian feel will adventure and love “Drought” is the book for you.

And then there was the whole thing about the blood. What did I just read? Ruby learns the truth in the most horrifying way.

Why would he leave his people?

Dec 01, Amanda Kimball rated it it was ok. Are there some paam in the plot that could have been knitted together better? Open Preview See a Problem?


She and Ford come together in a way that is natur Drought is a vaguely dystopian novel about a group of people held hostage away from civilization for years. They seemed flat and unrealistic. No one in the book changes from beginning to end, except for Ruby admitting maybe love is possible. Also she’s years old, falls in love, and her father may be Jesus. First thing I have to ask is, Where the heck was the world building? Trust me, it sounds a LOT more interesting than it ends up being.

We hear a lot about how the drlught is special, but are never once told why. My library Help Advanced Book Search.

Learn about Pam Bachorz’s young adult novels

The book doesn’t seem to hint towards a sequel so the lack of complete explanation is disappointing. Are our motivations for what we do noble or selfish, and how can we be sure? I left the book with a lot of questions and no answers but my imagination. I did not like that. I do believe though, that the last few scenarios were rushed. At this point, Otto of the Magical Jesus Blood had disappeared, leaving only four vials of his blood, but alas, an evil villain lusting after Ruby’s mom followed them and enslaved them to obtain the Water.

She’s open to write a sequel or to leave it as is, as the ending rung with finality. Jun 20, Rachel rated it really liked it.


Drought by Pam Bachorz: Review

Ruby is unique only because it’s taken her years to reach the maturity level of a year-old. Why does his blood have magical properties? I hate mixing religion with fantasy.

Jan 17, Alanis rated it liked it. But if Ruby leaves, her community is condemned to certain death. Ruby and Ford fall in love. I was happy and disappointed at the ending. I’ll most likely want to read the sequel, because even though I had some issues with the story I enjoyed the writing and Ruby’s voice. But if Ruby leaves, her community is condemned to certain death. I know people make mistakes in situations like this and would have made the same choices that Ford makes but not if you were truly a good kind person that Ford is otherwise portrayed to be.

It’s well written, a good pace, a completely new premise and worth reading.

Ruby dreams of escaping the Congregation. How did Darwin West enslave people like this? Was it out of fear? Ruby’s romance story line is the one very real feeling aspect of Drought. I’m a great fan of Pam Bachorz’s “Candor”.