Title: Dua e nudba urdu translation, Author: SYED MUHAMMAD JAWED, Name: Dua e nudba urdu translation, Length: 48 pages, Page: 1. Dua e Nudba is one of the most famous dua, usually Shia Muslims recite this supplication on Friday mornings before the sunrise lamenting Imam al-Mahdi (a).

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It is hard for me that what has happened afflict you other than all the others. He gave him in marriage his daughter the doyenne of the women of the worlds.

None would precede him in blood relation with the Prophet. Where is the one granted aid against whomever transgresses and forges lies against him? Trsnslation the time when he was made a warner and a guide for every people, said he the Holy Prophettheir Guide, in a public meeting overflowing with people; “Of Whomsoever I am the Mawlaa Lord, Master Ali is his Mawlaa.

O son of clear-cut and dazzling substantiations! On the morrow, you shall be my vicegerent on the Divine Pond.

May my soul be ransom for you; for you are unequaled in all-inclusive honor. Where is he who shall love dearly the favourites of Allah and take pains to tame and train the trangressors?

O son of the rightly guided Guides! Allah shall never fail to fulfill His promise. For them too, let lamenters lament. Where is the forepart of the creatures who enjoys dutifulness and piety?

dua-e-nudba urdu tarjumy k seth

Do you O Son of Ahmed have means and ways to nudbw our meeting? So be purified and refined by making known and remembering the choicest children of Muhammad and Ali, blessings of Allah be on them both, and on their children. Where is the reviver of the elements of the religion and its people?


It is disheartening to know that you are attending to and watching over the disorder and confusion, and I, in the thick nudb violent turmoil, am far away, unable to give report of injustice.

Is there any eye moling out and thus my eye may help it to trnslation out more? O Son of the clear and precise arguments who penetrated deep into the domain of mind! I eagerly long for you who inspires love and deep affection, and the faithful men and women take delight in your memorable glory.

Give us courage to disperse those who oppose and try to prevent him, and make them stay in their shame translarion disgrace for ever. Is there a helper with whom I may cooperate and take pains? Where is the one terminating the translatuon defiant and persistent rebels? May my father and mother be ransoms for you. I eagerly long for you who is worthy of acceptance and lawful driving force of belief and conviction, never weary or annoyed.

To You do I complain about the transgressions against me, for You alone are worthy of receiving complaints. Where is the one expected to restore to life the Book and its provisions? For each Thou prescribed a Divine law, and set up a traced out path, each was appointed a guardian-executor, and each fulfilled the duty after being kept safe and protected, in the term of establishing Thy religion, a witness and argument over Thy servants mankindLest the truth staggered from its firm stand and foundation, and the falsehood conquered the hearts of the people, and might not say a single man: O Allah, please send blessings upon Urdi argument.


He patterned after the Messenger. Where is the ultimate Divine source of plenty and prosperity? It breaks my heart when I look at all that has been created, but cannot see you, nor hear a whisper about your whereabouts, nor any secret communication! Where are the “know all the answers” scholars who communicated and made clear the religion of Allah?

dua-e-nudba urdu tarjumy k seth – video dailymotion

Wa ba’-zun hamaltahu fee fulkeka wa najjaytahu wa man aamana ma-a’hu menal halakate berahmateka wa ba’-zun ittakhaztahu lenafseka khaleelan wa sa-alaka lesaana sidqin fil aakhereena fa-ajabtahu wa ja-a’lta zaaleka a’liyyan wa ba’-zun kallamtahu min shajaratin takleeman wa ja-a’lta lahu min akheehe rid-an wa wazeeran wa ba’-zun awladtahu min ghayre abin wa aataytahul bayyenaate wa ayyadtahu be-roohil qodose wa kullun shara’-ta lahu sharee-a’tan wa nahajta lahu minhaajan wa takhayyarta lahu awseyaaa-a mustahfezan ba’-da mustahfezin min muddatin elaa muddatin eqaamatan le-deeneka wa hujjatan a’laa e’baadeka wa le-allaa yazoolal haqqo a’n maqarrehi wa yaghlebal baatelo a’laa ahlehi wa laa yaqoola ahadun lawlaa arsalta elaynaa rasoolan munzeran wa aqamta lanaa a’laman haadeyan fanattabe-a’ aayaateka min qable an nazilla wa nakhzaa.

O inheritor of the Right Path! And bless his father. Blessings be also upon his grand veracious grandmother. Let us be friends with his ancestors. O Son of the distinguished nobles! The fundamentals of knowledge and wisdom!

Were it not you O Ali, the faithfuls would not know the truth after me.