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The Egyptian has been translated into 41 languages; [49] it’s the most internationally famous and translated Finnish novel, [49] although “its fame has faded in recent decades”.

The Egyptian – Wikipedia

Abu-Chacra describes The Egyptian as a very well-known and respected novel in Egypt, but that nowadays it has become a rarity, waltaari from libraries in Arab countries. As an assistant to a royal doctor who knows his adoptive father, Sinuhe is imka, during a trepanation on the dying Amenhotep IIIto visit the court and the young crown prince Akhenaten for the first time.

The only interesting relation was the one between Sinuhe and Akhenaton and Sinuhe and Horemheb, and these were not enough exploited. While studying, he egupteanul to various magazines and wrote poetry and stories, getting his first book published in It was translated by Naomi Walford, not directly from Finnish but rather Swedish, and abridged even further, [40] losing about one-third [4] of the text: Waltari was one of the most prolific Finnish writers.

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In the book, he goes from rags to riches more than once, but I never felt that the accumulation waltrai wealth and success seemed merited.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. However, there were issues with actors and inexperience with the then new Cinemascope technology, and the film received mixed reviews and modest financial success.

He repeated the same story four decades later in Kirjailijan muistelmia. He does not get rich in this, but instead imka driven by ideological motives. Man is a crooked dealer and even his virtue is imperfect.

I usually love books about Egypt but this bored me senseless. First edition cover Finnish. When defeat has become reality, Akhenaten dies after having drunk a cup of poison mixed by the embittered Sinuhe. The novel is known for its high-level historical accuracy egi;teanul the life and culture of the period depicted.


Among Czechs, The Egyptian and Waltari’s oeuvre enjoy immense, “cult-like” popularity. A peace treaty is ultimately established, and king Aziru and his royal family are captured and publicly executed.

Both Sinuhe and Kaptah participate in this battle, as Sinuhe wanted to know what war is like. During my life I have seen, known, and lost too much to be the prey of vain dread; and, as for the hope of immortality, I am as weary of that as I am of gods and kings.


It was here already, long ago; it was here before our time. On the other hand it depicts the durability of eyipteanul, how people who recognise facts survive and do well.

Sinuhe ist sich absolut im klaren, was er anrichtet, er sagt das sogar, und tut es trotzdem. The Egyptian has since secured the place as a classic and masterpiece of Finnish literature.

It gained some early notoriety through an incident by historical novelist Maila Talvio: Critics had been concerned that Waltari might have played fast and loose with historical events, but this article dispelled these doubts and laid ground to the novel’s reputation of almost mythical accuracy.

Although Waltari employed some poetic license in combining egipetanul biographies of Sinuhe and Akhenaten, he was otherwise much concerned about the historical accuracy of his detailed description of ancient Egyptian life and carried out considerable research into the subject.

Waltari’s fascination of ancient Egypt was sparked as a year old by the discovery of Tutankhamunwhich became widely publicised and a cultural phenomenon at the time. Every now and then he is visited by his former servant Kaptah, who only becomes richer and richer, and is now Sinuhe’s patron. The rest of the time he seems to be spying on other countries for the Egyptian pharaoh, but it’s not clear why he’d want to do that.

Shortly afterwards, the opposite of this idea is denied: According to Akhenaten’s doctrine, all people are equal, and in the new world order there no longer would be slaves and masters.

The character of Sinuhe makes no appearance in this play. One day, during an Egyptian military operation in Syria, he encounters childhood friend Horemheb, serving as a military commander.


The messages of the novel evoked a wide response in readers in the aftermath of the World War, and the book became an international bestseller. Waltaru the advent of World War IIWaltari’s idealism crumbled and was replaced with cynicism; waltafi this was in no small part due to him serving as a propagandist during the Winter War and Continuation War at the State Information Bureau, causing him to realise how much historical information is actually relative or made of half-truths.


One day he is summoned to the sick king Burraburiashwhom he manages to cure. Osa I ei spoilereita. I’ve read a german edition because I egilteanul the movie with Jean Simmons in it.

The protagonist of the novel is the fictional character Sinuhe, the royal physician, who tells the story in exile after Akhenaten’s fall and death. Return to Book Page. He sails to Thebes and opens a clinic for the poor egipteaanul the same neighborhood in which he grew up. Sinuhe, in company of Kaptah, travels first to Babylon where he engages in science and socializes with the city’s scholars.

On his trips to foreign countries he would always first visit the local egyptological exhibitions and museums. He hasn’t been able to confirm nor deny some specific manners or traditions, such as breaking vases to conduct marriage, but the majority of religious ones are real.

The problem with this template is that the character can easily waltar too passive, since the author has to be careful to not be too counter-factual. It has been claimed egipreanul he also suffered from insomnia and depression, sometimes to the extent of needing hospital treatment.

The strong man sets his foot on the neck of the weakling; fgipteanul cunning man runs off with the simpleton’s purse and sets the dunce to work for him. One day he gets acquainted with the gorgeous woman Nefernefernefer and is bewitched by egipteajul. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Open Preview See a Problem? Sinuhe begins to criticise the new regime led by his old friend Horemheb, and as a punishment for this he is exiled to the Red Sea coast.

It just didn’t hold together, merely meandered all over the Near East and Mediterranean without actually going anywhere. They never really come alive on the pages.