The Book of Disquiet is a work by the Portuguese author Fernando Pessoa ( –). Published posthumously, The Book of Disquiet is a fragmentary. Fernando Pessoa. Libro del desasosiego. Fernando Pessoa. Libro del desasosiego. Image may contain: text. Likes3 Comments93 Shares. English (US). Libro Del Desasosiego Pessoa. 9 likes. Book. Libro Del Desasosiego Pessoa. Privacy · Terms. About. Libro Del Desasosiego Pessoa. Book. 9 people like this.

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At least this prospect makes it good for a laugh or maybe even a dance. Literally, that is his reality. Nor do we pesoa what parts thereof, if any, he ever intended for publication in some revised format.

What the fcuk is that?

A strange book composed of a couple of hundred short journal like entries into the mental landscape of the writer. Readers have different views on the merits of the translations.

The collected notes that make up The Book of Disquiet are not poems per se but rather sad and poetic ruminations, anthologized posthumously and attributed to one of Pessoa’s personas known as Bernardo Soares, a man who worked by day as a bookkeeper in Dewasosiego and by night as a incredible sadsack. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The whole text or philosophy might even be ironic. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. It took me a few months to read this, during that time my thoughts vacillated between brilliance pesssoa pure, unadulterated crap. I see that the Penguin classic version of the book has pages, desassosiego the Serpent’s tail version of it has only pages. I might have seen some of myself in him, perhaps wallowed with him in gothic misery I’ve been known to do that from time to timedesasosieg my reaction to these boring, self-centered ramblings was to simply walk away and move on to better things.


I knew this was coming, simply from the reviews of the book I had read.

Libro del desasosiego by Fernando Pessoa (4 star ratings)

I will not deny the fact that Fernando Pessoa’s “The Book of Disquiet” may be one of the most beautiful books ever written in terms of its writing.

Whether or not it was ever intended to be a novel by either of its “authors”the work itself or at least the analysis of it fits within the concerns of Modernism, if dessosiego Post-Modernism which I maintain is a branch of Modernism, a sub-movement, not desaxosiego separate movement. How did Pessoa break me? Yet, instead of using the characters actively to write desaspsiego assorted verse and prose which he assigned to them, he regarded himself more as an instrument who channeled the personalities, of which he had no control, until the works were finished.

So, much as I respect all the people I know who rated this book highly, I’m leaving it as unfinished. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. La principale opera in prosa di Pessoa: Maybe, someday, they’ll fix that. This book doesn’t tell standard story.

Libro del desasosiego

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. In your mind, picture an old man who dines in a nearby cafe everyday. I was perfectly happy with the quality of the text in the version I read plus I love the cover! Ultimately, for this reason alone, it is a creative work, if not necessarily fiction.


Its closest fictional parallel is Dostoyevsky’s “Notes from Underground”. This is what this book is about and sometimes more. A work that could polarise some readers I suspect. Sadly Pessoa sees only what he wants to see; a world of mundane actions, a world devoid of happiness. Prepossessing Aphorisms It’s hard to say how much readers are expected to distance themselves from the ostensible authors or their philosophy.

Better either the complete work, which is in peszoa case a work, even if it’s bad, or the absence of words, the unbroken silence of the soul that knows it is incapable of acting. In fact, I went through a sort of grieving process the last time I lemmed a bookwhich was also the first time I had lemmed a book since I came to Goodreads. Update April 6th I’ve at long last got to the end of this one. He was each one of them, a mix of few of them, and none at all. This word probably appears several hundred times in the course of the book.