Elfquest (or ElfQuest) is a cult hit comic book property created by Wendy and Richard Pini in It is a fantasy story about a community of elves and other fictional species A one-shot issue re-introduced the sea elves with a new cast of characters. The first ten issues of Hidden Years were collected in two color volumes. The Sea Elves has 5 ratings and 0 reviews: Published September 1st by Chaosium, 48 pages, Paperback. : The Sea Elves: A Complete Culture for Elfquest ( ) by Elizabeth Ceritelli; Wendy Pini and a great selection of similar New, Used.

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From the Palace you stare Hubward, toward which you will soon travel. Build the board as you lead your Elf Tribe toward safe passage.

The Sea Elves: A Complete Culture for Elfquest

There are two series of prose paperbacks about Elfquest published by other publishers, available online and in bookstores. You and your friends are selected to be explorers, and your party feels eager to participate in such a glorious undertaking.

Igraine added it Jan 24, Bedtime Stories is a color hardcover collection of tales, some of which are taken from New Blood, and some of which were written just for this volume. The older an elf gets, the more likely they are to Recognize, and an elf who has not Recognized for the entirety of their adult life is more likely to Recognize a member dlfquest a new tribe upon meeting.

Strongbow and Moonshade have had 3 cubs so far together, but spread out over many many hundreds of years.

Such a pair will not suffer upon the death of their one-time Recognized, as Dewshine and Tyldak or Door and Dodia do not lament the loss of the other. Many hundreds of years later, long after Tyleet has been born and is their friend, Scouter Recognizes Tyleet.

Elfquest Roleplaying – Wayne’s Books RPG Reference

The Gliders rarely venture out of their mountain except for the “Chosen Eight”, the tribe’s hunters and e,ves need be warriors. At the start of the story, the Wolfriders’ regular forest life — intermittently interspersed by conflict with superstitiously genocidal humans — is lost when the humans set fire to the forest in retaliation for a previous battle. It was highly praised for its innovative themes. Wild Hunt — the further adventures of Ember, now grown up, and her own Wolfrider tribe.


The Searcher and the Sword was published in July She is old eves to remember a time when the High Ones still took mates, a time so long in the past that other High Ones elfqhest forgotten than was ever done as reproduction is unnecessary with their longevity and magical prowess and star-vessels to protect them. In large part as a response to the shrinking direct market in the mids, continuing storylines were collapsed together into a single page anthology series introduced by the one shot Metamorphosis.

He goes on a quest with his soul-brother, Skywiseseeking other elf tribes as allies against humanity. As the original elves were very light framed, one might conjecture that the actual weight of the modern elves has not been reduced as much as their height, for they are now relatively broader in the shoulder than their predecesssors. A Go-Back or Wolfrider elder, like Treestump who is years at the beginning of the series is considered a “mere stripling” by someone like Savah, the eldest Sun Villager.

In the s, the Pinis rebranded slightly WaRP became Warp and then began to publish multiple titles concurrently, many with overlapping storylines, introducing many new artists and writers to the series. Fans have complained that the publication schedule is disappointingly slow.

It is very common in the history of the Wolfriders and noted in other tribes as well for Recogition to happen outside a bonded pair. Conversely, while the Go-Backs brag about their ability to conceive without it and with their violent life, they need to do so they can also Recognize. Sda shows a Wolfrider lifespan, left to run its natural course, will last about years or so.

In the future, the World of Two Moons is called Abode and is the home-base for the rollicking interplanetary adventures of the Rebels, Jink, the alien Neverending, and a host of other characters.


The cost of elfin longevity is an incredibly low birth rate. The Final Quest series began publication by Dark Horse comics; the first issue was released on January 22, They can die of wounds or disease, or even by simply choosing to spirit-walk from their bodies and not return, or refusing food and or water because they have stopped wanting to live any longer Eldolil, an old Wolfrider did this, he was the last pureblood in the tribe – see “Song for Eldolil”.

Elve and the Warp Wolf logo are registered trademarks, and all other logos, characters, situations, related indicia, and their distinctive likenesses are trademarks of Warp Graphics, Inc. This closeness is not always welcome and Strongbow and Bearclaw once had a similar relationship, arguing more often than not, but very close, and Strongbow is a powerful sender, elfqiest almost exlusively with his skilled telepathy and he and Bearclaw get into a heated sending exchange and both reveal private thoughts on various matters, revealing more of themselves than either is usually comfortable doing, but because they trust and respect each other.

The further adventures of Ember and her splinter tribe of Wolfriders is being crafted as these words are being typed. Critical reaction was generally favorable; the major criticism leveled at the book is that it is overpriced for its size 96 pages.

Elfquest – Wikipedia

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. What follows is a difficult but enlightening journey, in which the elves’ most basic assumptions about the world are turned upside down as they meet humans who are more good than elfuest ever hoped, elves more evil than they ever imagined, and trolls more aggressive than they ever feared.

This powerful impulse can be resisted with difficulty, but at the cost of great personal stress.