Initiation [Elisabeth Haich] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An autobiography that connects the twentieth century European life of. Initiation is an extraordinary book penned by Elisabeth Haich in Elisabeth Haich () was a well-known painter and sculptor from. In Elisabeth Haich wrote her best known book, Initiation which has been translated into seventeen languages with millions of copies sold worldwide.

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Matter, followed by Plants, and then Animals. Haixh 30, Sebastyne rated it really liked it. It gives them a reference subtle state in which they should learn to live. After the end of World War II indue to the communist regime, they had to close their school and flee to Switzerlandwhere they founded a new yoga school. But man should not live the life of a plant or an animal, since the possibilities that he or she obtains thanks to the incarnation in a human body allow him or her to keep a much higher level of life!

Book of the Warrior of the Spirit. May 03, Paul rated it it was amazing.

I found myself relating to a lot of Haich’s childhood experiences, so by the time she started talking about reincarnation, I didn’t immediately write her off.

This is because everything that happens here on earth is the materialization of a complete, accomplished cause haivh on the spiritual plane for materialization. This is one of my favourite books It’s an amazing account of one woman’s discovery of herself. Key of Unity Chapter Eight.


What should I do? You can read this book on so many levels – like a novel from a woman with a vivid imagination; as a textbook on reincarnation and the spiritual lessons we need to learn, or as a memoir by a spiritual yoga teacher with a memory better than ours.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Like the yin and yang, the duality of nature, is something to experience and practice. You are right — you cannot put it down. Inwhen Elisabeth Haich happened to meet Selvarajan Yesudian the son of a doctor from Chennai who went to Hungary in to study medicineshe had not the faintest doubt that he was the little boy from India whose life her father had saved in Egypt circa BC.

Consciously or not, every person by himself or herself makes decisions, choosing the direction of his or her movement: I could list several “untruths” that stood out to me, but it isn’t important.

Elisabeth Haich

To ask other readers questions about Initiationplease sign up. That is all I want to say about it: I knew I would never have a chance to meet him as he had died in a far-off country when I was still a little girl. In her current life, Elisabeth meets and now recognizes many of the people who were close to her in the past life in Egypt.

The Elisabeth Haich Series. Let this knowledge be included in the educational curricula!

What was done by Vladimir Antonov is such a revival and disclosure for people of present time of the Universal Teachings of God. I have mixed feelings about this book and I actually stopped reading it after page Refresh and try again.


Initiation by Elisabeth Haich

To rise each of the seven steps is a challenge: Diverse representatives of the human filth also play their role in the universal ekisabeth of the Evolution. This is an unusual story, in that the author remembers experiences in past incarnations — most notably one in ancient Egypt — and links them to her present life.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I will better speak in this regard about another issue: Initiation takes the Sons of God to the highest level of consciousness, initiafion are facilitated as a series of exercises by Ptahhotep. I’m very tempted to drop everything I’m reading to start this one.

Elisabeth Haich

And while my faith leads me to want to change the world through actions, Haich’s writing also made me see the value in meditating on God and how seeking Him in this way can help others as well. Elisabeth Haich recounts the dramatic story of her past life in Egypt initiatoin BC where she was the daughter of Pharaoh Atothis.

Nov 05, Rachel Shadday rated it it was amazing. But my opinion quickly changed. After reading this book you will never be the same again.