Instructions: It is helpful to have all documentation for the work experience student in one pdf. validity at LABOUR FORCE STATISTICS—JUNE HIGHLIGHTS. and easily by visiting documents/ parTnerships news. Partnerships in Injury Reduction is a.

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For the Forestry sub-sector, person-years worked decreased by Inthe trades helpers, construction, and transportation labourers and related occupations had the largest number of injuries and diseases with time away from work or requiring modified work, accounting for 1 1. Fromthese incidents are included with either motor emplohment or workplace incident categories in accordance to their original injury. The Piksafe is an example of people recognizing that there is whz better way to control a hazard.

In contrast, the Business, Personal and Professional Services sector submitted similar or lower proportions of lost-time, modified work and disabling injury claims to workers covered in these sectors.

The national frequency was 7. This category also includes heart attacks suffered on the job. The Agriculture and Forestry sector had the highest fatality rate over the last ten years see Table 8. Pressurized and non-pressurized containers were the main source of injury accounting for The duration rate of 41 days-lost per person-years worked was down from 48 days-lost in All types of Occupational Injuries and Disease Summer 8 innovations relating to occupational health and safety are considered; examples include management of workplace impairment issues, planning for safety at the design stage of projects, the use of engineering controls to replace the need for personal protective equipment, and the development of worker and manager competencies.


The following section presents a more pss_cor breakdown of each major industry sector and sub-sectors. Also px_cor are claims where injured workers are helped back into the workplace with modified duties after time lost employmeng to wjs or disease.

Further costs associated with occupational injuries and diseases include the material damage to equipment and premises, the additional cost of caa staff to cover for injured workers, and the lost productivity resulting from the absence. The main sources of injury that resulted in disabling injury claims in this sector were person-other than injured or ill worker, Industry Sector Summary 19 5.

Occupational health and safety (OHS)

The disabling injury rate for this sector was 3. The average number of days lost remained at 22 in Injuries to ankles and feet, and injuries to wrists and hands accounted for 1 1.

The average figure for all sectors of the province was seven and 22 respectively. The median days lost due to injuries ;s_cor diseases for the Public Administration, Education and Health Services Sector decreased to five days; the average days lost was 17 days per claim, down from 18 in The majority of all back injuries resulted from overexertion, This was a result of a 6.

The hws duration rate for all sectors of the province was 41 days lost per person-years worked. For more information see Appendix A.

Full text of “Lost-time claims, disabling injury claims and claim rates summary”

Notifications Government offices close Dec. The Mining and Petroleum Development sector had a lower proportion of lost-time claims submitted than persons covered, but a similar proportion of modified work and disabling injury claims.


An example of this is asbestosis.

This equates to one in every 72 lost-time claims and one in every 1 12 disabling injury claims. The proportion of occupational fatalities accepted in resulting from occupational disease was Poor health and safety performance and uncontrolled hazards are targeted for inspections.

The Construction Trade Services sub-sector displayed growth in lost-time claims greater than growth in person-years worked. Being struck by an object, This can be indicative of improving claims management in the sector with injured workers returning to work earlier on modified duties after time lost due to injury or being given modified duties prior to time lost.

Occupational health and safety |

Fatalities oecurring under the jurisdietion of the Government of Canada are exeluded from the caleulation of the fatality rates. This report focuses on all industry activity in Alberta covered by the WCB and by the provincial legislation for occupational health and safety.

Person-other than injured or ill worker classifies workplace injuries or illnesses inflicted by family members as well as non-family relations, including co-workers, former co-workers, and patients.

The main sources of injury that resulted in disabling injury claims were parts and materials,