Used Electrovoice – E/V EV T PLUS PAIR Speaker Cabinet. What would be better for a bar band, 4 to 5 piece, country-blues-rock, 3 vocals, miking drums-guitars-bass? system A) 1 EV QRX/over 1 EV. Buy used T+ Cabinet Speakers by Electro-Voice. (1) EV DX T+. Dualinch two-way speaker with watts continuous, 3, watts peak.

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ev speakers t Classifieds – Buy & Sell ev speakers t across the USA – AmericanListed

They also were used many more times a year for other things and made many different types of shows for them easier because of being a powered box.

I also have the QRX tops. What has happened is last year we were a very sucessfull dj company and hired a good sound engineer we are growing so fast that we barley get a system together before we upgrade t225. I had t2522 s powered by crest, crossed with ashley, mixed on an 01v, and well miced with a lot of decent condensers mostly.

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A bit smaller and lighter. The peavey’s are power hungry I will throw a PLX in stereo at them and they are like ” is that all you got” My main concern is the monitors I am biamping them t25 from t52 i understand no matter if i line them with gold and diamonds and replace all the drivers with magical speakers and had the Pope and Jimmy Swagart bless them,They came from a EV FM and t25 suck.


BStaley, thanks for your info. I think you are a bit low on power for the wedges. Adams, I like the idea of the qrx The is a great sounding sub. No cables just the speakesr, but they are in really good They do sv pretty loud though, I’ll give them that.

I need to downsize my studio so I am only Thanks for your input, guys. They ran into the ve exact problem. I second the previous comment that you could start by bi-amping the FMs and if you do well this season, then upgrade to a 15″ and a 2″ bi-amp wedge witch will end the rider discussion. Dont get me wrong Just curious, what would make it sonically better in your opinion?

What I dislike about the horn is that if the cabs aren’t stacked up very high, the horn points down too much. The QRx and the have the same HF horn lens, which can be rotated. I’ve always preferred bass reflex type subs to horn loaded, but the horn loaded tend to be louder and more efficient. T25 have four of them. The band will see them, leave the country, and never return.

Speakers Selling a watt theater system worth reason selling cheap is because I cant have it.

ev sound system. Junk??

Omaha Nebraska Music instruments. And also, that horn makes it very difficult to rotate for arraying, if you wanted to do that. Anyhoo, sorry to hijack the thread Date newest first Relevance Price lowest first Price highest first. Perhaps I could come by and check out one of your shows on a night off? I went into a music store looking to buy EV’s for the dj business and after listening walked out with the Q-wave stuff.


Well preserved by an expert DJ Pulled out of a new cab. Only few months old or so The tt252 decision is a little tougher, mostly because I don’t really like either one of those cabinets.

I eventually went back to passive because I was doing college bars, and I needed more rigs and not higher quality rigs.

What cab is “better” depends on perspective, IMHO. When I biamped them I did a pair for the lead vox mix I bridged a Crest FA on the 12’s w 4 Ohms and used a single channel of the same amp on the 2 horns w 8 Ohms.

Bought them 2 months ago for eev ups and only used them once.

It’s more efficient, will handle a little more power, go lower, and get louder. Search results for “ev speakers t” for sale in the USA, All categories. If i have to upgrade im probably going to purchase 6 of th xm15 x array wedges. View the Media Kit.

They’re good cabinets, and they sound decent, but the mid throw is pretty bad. Any input would be appreciated.