Fill Ak Reg 3, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and FORSCOM Regulation (OBSOLETE): Ammunition basic Sep 9, Ammunition Basic Load (ABL, FORSCOM REG , ; FORSCOM/ARNG , ) is one of the most critical operational functionalities of the Joint. Forscom Regulation (Obsolete): Ammunition Basic Load by United States Army Forces Headquarters (Creator) starting at. Forscom Regulation.

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It also supervises and controls the admin- istration of the budget. These resources include personnel, training equipment availability, and equip- ment serviceability. Its size and composition are determined by the mission, availability 700- forces, use of nuclear weap- ons, probable hostile forces, climate and terrain.

The Army budget and accounting system is struc- tured according to DOD program elements. Purpose and Scope of Manual — II. Because of the lead time involved, necessary programing action should be initiated early in the life cycle so military construction or other acquisition processes will parallel the schedules for the system and other elements of the system. Major force programs are made up of subunits called program elements. Programing proceeds under guidance issued by the OSD. The commander of a unified command has specific authority to coordinate the logistics sup- port of the service components and to exercise control of distribution of logistics support when shortages necessitate.

This planning is an intimate blend of tactical and logistical thinking to accomplish the strategic objectives. Forscom Reg 55 1 Unit Movement Planning. Exception to this policy can be made in the case of water ports primarily serving the Navy or the Air Force. Facilities Requirements The types of facilities required by the Army are based on the systems to be supported and missions to be performed, whether it is a distribution system, maintenance system, education system, medical system, weapons system, or others.

The proposed force changes are the most signif- icant of all the reviews which to into updating the FYDP. A re- quirements determination is a statement of need, to- gether with the definition of the resources necessary FMCI to accomplish the stated need.

The UMO becomes the unit deployment trainer and should be thoroughly familiar with rev following: Fkrscom particular concern are high personnel costs, high unit costs for weapons, and cost growth.

Industrial funds have been installed at Army arsenals, depots, transportation terminals and re- search activities. Army Logistics System The U. Each industrial fund has an accounting system tailored to its rev purposes which shows its cost to produce goods or render services. Upon restoration to serviceable condition, the ma- teriel is returned to stock for reissue or returned directly to the user under conditions authorized by the military department concerned.


These become a basis for actions, a focal point for efforts, and a foundation for plans. Taken together, these lead to the broad force requirements needed to accomplish assigned missions during specified time frames. They conduct special interest studies and make recommendations on which top-level manage- ment bases its decisions. Engineer unit preventive maintenance checks and services PMCS.

It provides a more effective means of controlling fodscom of goods or services produced or rendered! In the case of appropriations, costs or obligations are viewed in terms of inputs to the system; e. The POM is the means by which the Army, as well as each military department and defense agency, expresses its rge program requirements to DOD.

These goals provide fundamental di- rection for the total Arnw Active Army, Army Re- serve, Army National Guard, and Army civilian employees to channel their resources and efforts.

Forscom Regulation (Obsolete) : United States Army Forces Headquarters :

To offset these rising costs, it may be necessary to curtail, reduce, or discontinue other programs. The performance type budget provides the basis for the resource management system. Plans are of many types. Figure is an illustra- tion of program elements in the other services as well as the Army.

The flow is made possible through the Army financial man- agement system, based on AMS accounts and reports. To be effective and efficient, logistics does not necessarily have to be organized as a single system.

Planning for Mobilization — IV. Part Eight Chapter Was assigned to forsvom the unit movement officer in an GSA was created in to provide common supply and service support to all federal agencies.

Forscom Regulation 700-3 1986 (Obsolete) : Ammunition Basic Load

The primary mission of one installation may be the operation of an Army depot; another may operate a medical facility, a service school or training command; or it 7003 serve as a training base for operating forces.

A logistics depicting logistics status with respect to the percentage of MTOE required equipment fully mission capable.

To quote from Dr. Safety forces command safety program – fort The Army Force Pro- gram establishes the Active Army approved force troop list and the Active Army Military and Civilian Man- power Progams for the current and budget years; de- velops force programing guidance; provides a projection of asset demands and availability; presents a schedule of activations, inactivations, reorganizations, and de- ployment; and supports the Army budget request through the entire Dudget cycle.


Part 9 chapter 18 discusses the use of automated techniques and outlines information that is needed to manage the Army Logistics System and techniques for managing the information, as well as a summary of information systems currently in use or planned for use in the near future. A variation to that methoQ of stock fund operation is the simultaneous obligation policy.

In a sense, the planning process provides an- swers to what, why, when, where, and who. As the actual need for funds grows closer, sit- uations can be appraised more accurately, and finer estimates up or down can be made on budget re- quirements. Progress reporting to test the validity and admin- istration of plans and programs. The decisions of the Secretary of Defense are made under the authority of the Defense Reorganization Act of National purpose is achieved through the inte- gration of all elements of national power— political, psychological, economic, and military.

By Order of the Secretary of the Army: Army Materiel Command AMC has established a worldwide LAP administered through Logistics Assistance Offices LAOs which carry out logistic assistance activities to include technical assistance, help in resolving nonroutine problems, and thus foster good customer relations. Essentially, the logistics objective of the Army IS to maintain a logistics posture tailored to support the required peace and war operational requirements.

Ratings are designed to provide indicators of the degree to which a unit is FMCI capable of performing the wartime mission for which it is organized.

In theory, the system enables Congress to end what has been a piece- meal operation, and to deal with the issue of overall Federal spending, weighing programs against each other, ana deciding where the emphasis and the money should go. Three main levels of management of the Army Logistics System may be considered.