Open Pit Scheduling Module In the world of open pit mining, schedules can make the difference between profit and loss. The Gemcom Minex™. Gemcom Minex Tutorial | added by users. David Guetta Sunshine ( David Guetta & Avicii).mp3. Rebel telugu movie free download. Gemcom Software International publishes this documentation for the sole use of Minex licences. Without written permission, you may not sell, reproduce, store in .

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See Licensing Minex for information about recording licence details in Minex. However, it provides a starting point for new users and a good overview for existing users by demonstrating how to use many of the functions in Minex.

Gemcom minex open_pitscheduling_ds

The object is removed from the Graphics window and its file is closed. Enter the file name. You have now created a new empty parameters file. Do not worry about the detail.

However, this icon is unavailable and when you click it nothing happens. Set the Local Origin Setting Local Origin The Local Origin is a geographical point of reference that Minex uses to improve accuracy when it performs mathematical functions on coordinates.

Make sure the 3D Design tab is active. By default, the file name tutorrial Parameters. By doing so, you enable Minex to display geometry with negligible loss of accuracy. How to start Minex and work with a project. The following image shows an example of some geometry data, specifically water bodies and contours. A workspace is a 3D or 2D view of the Minex files.

Using data already stored in Minex eliminates errors arising from data migration and ensures investmentGemcom Minex provides the best geology and mine planning tools for coal and other stratified deposits, ensuring resources are evaluated accurately and mined efficiently. Double-click the Minex icon on the desktop. Any data files that you create are saved to this location. For such permission, or to obtain extra copies please contact your local Gemcom Office.


Rectangular box in which you can type text. From the Grid menu, select Display. The following image shows a section mount, and a seam cross-section plotted on it. Clear Clip underlying data. This is because you must have a borehole database open to do this operation.

If you display all the geometry data in a file, the Graphics window might appear cluttered. Classroom and Customized Training Our training courses are designed for all levels of mining professionals, from Geologists and Engineers through to Technical and Project Managers.

Gemcom minex open_pitscheduling_ds

Open Pit Scheduling supports an unlimited number of what-if scenarios on different strategies for ore extraction, fleet utilisation, and dumping. The geologists have their own primary geometry file that they change and then share with surveyors and engineers who open it as a secondary file.

The Grid Compute topic in the Minex help explains the parameters in this dialogue box. Geometry Computer Graphics Metafile Grid. The manual describes one way of using tutorila software; these instructions are by no means exhaustive. Plot Survey Data 4. Click Plot Geometry Data.

When you want to select existing strings, edit them and create new strings, you work in the Graphics window see Digitizing. Know how to get more help about Minex. Click Query and then click a location, within the Graphics window, in the centre of the geometry data. To clear the output, right-click in the Tutoiral Window, and click Clear Output.


Right-click the point at the bottom of the mask and click Go Point mijex. Modern Practices for the Design and Planning of Play animated schedules to spot bottlenecks, downtime, uneven resource allocation, and unfeasible workflows.


Then move the mouse in the direction that the text specifies. You can move the pointer over an icon to see which command it activates. By becoming familiar with the digitizing options you will be able to create strings quickly and accurately.

This is useful when you have several grids, or other files, open at the same time and you have forgotten which grid is which — you can identify each grid by turning the visibility of each grid on, one by one. The surveyors share this geometry file with the engineers and geologists who open it up as a secondary file.

Create a Section Showing a Seam Cross-section 4. Using the menu bar is one way of activating commands. Select the Local Origin row and enter the same coordinates that you noted from the Output window when you ran a query. Ninex Minex is in Digitize mode and you select other commands, you might see unexpected results. Click the Plan — Coordinate Grid button.

Monex with these now if you wish. Click F to plot the contours. It is designed to allow surveyors, geologists and engineers to work together effectively throughout the life of a mine. Alternatively, there are several navigation buttons above the Graphics window tutotial you can also use to navigate.

You can do this by selecting the Mounts menu, Section and then Coordinate Grid.