Check out this new article Wizards of the Coast posted recently: Genasi of Athas. Chandra Nalaar the hothead by theDURRRRIAN female fire genasi alchemist tinkerer inventor goggles steampunk sorcerer wizard sorceress witch armor. Some Genasi legends, as well as physical descriptions of the new manifestations , and information on Genasi communities on Athas.

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The Burnt World of Athas – Heroes of the Elemental Chaos as a Dark Sun supplement

But their emergence is unmistakable, and those who live along the shores of the Silt Sea wonder if this trickle presages a greater and more terrible flood. What should really draw your eye though are the Primordial Shards. Rasepe was there for the liberation of Tyr. March 10, For the first lf in memory, the half-elementals have begun an exodus from their hidden redoubts and are now exploring the lands they abandoned years ago.

So my recommendations are to. You know the Shape Water cantrip. This practice has now found its way into secluded monasteries far from the city-states and often draws those looking to genaxi not only the forces of the Elemental Chaos, but the chaotic forces within. It’s nice that you can maintain it on the off chance that creatures get knocked back in, but you can’t move it at all, so that kinda sucks.


Genasi are as varied as their mortal parents but are generally built like humans, standing anywhere from 5 feet to over 6 feet tall. You gain proficiency with the artisan’s tools of your choice: You gain a bonus to Reflex and to saves against ongoing fire damage.

The genasi are often called half-elementals because of their humanlike forms. They have no love for the mortal races, and their arrogance is equaled only by their tempestuous personalities.

Winning Races: Genasi of Athas

Facial patterns are unique to each individual. Each are a welcome inclusion to a setting that was ayhas on the foundation that the world is close to the elemental planes and elemental power was common. Within its pages we found how to become a Dragon or Avangion wizardsMember of the Order psionicistor an elemental elemental cleric.

Originally Posted by lukelightning. Sunday, 13th December, I found it interesting, especially the bits on primordials creating the genasi themselves to help shape the world and fight the gods, before they retreated into a deep slumber.

The Burnt World of Athas

If you want to discuss contents of this page – this is the easiest way to do it. Those mortal containers proved too weak to receive these gifts and so many perished. Some city states prefer them off the board entirely and would kill on sight.


You have a swimming speed of 30 feet. They are the same size and shape as humans, though they are slightly bulkier, and thus they are mistaken for having human ancestry.

The crunch works in any setting, and is really cool for genasi players.

Becoming a pyreen is great for a primal character, but becoming a primordial is the ultimate destiny sought by elemental worshipers. From his experiences beyond civilized lands, he concluded that as the Elemental Chaos created life, so must the Elemental Chaos dwell within all beings. Instead of hair, all genasi possess a corona corresponding to their elemental heritage. Saturday, 17th April, Join Date Jan Location 48th street and 48th avenue, queens, ny Posts 1, Despite this relationship, Adepts and Builders all too often find their goals at odds with each with other: Your Dexterity score increases by 1.

What are your thoughts of the Genasi as a race for Athas?

Stare at the Sun seems close to useless as well