Readers around the world are embracing the message of Talent is Overrated. Business leaders, teachers, attorneys, entrepreneurs, students, coaches of many . The book Talent is Overrated by Geoff Colvin is a book I recommend to everyone who wants to get better at something – whether that’s a lot. Excellent.”—The Wall Street Journal Since its publication ten years ago, businesspeople, investors, doctors, parents, students, athletes.

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Which specific skills or other assets must be acquired?

7 Lessons From Talent Is Overrated

Much of this work is solitary, and physically and mentally taxing. I can apply it to my life as a career woman, learning new skills as a senior leader, all the way to the fitness journey I am currently on.

And I wrote my own book on Deliberate Practice for bass guitar players β€” and incorporated the principles into my own learning and my teaching. But I would recommend those first pages. I highly recommend this book to you, it will open your mind to new ideas and give you understanding of the worlds highest achievers throughout history. I liked this book but I think I could have gotten as much out of the short version.

Truth is, nobody will know until we better understand how the brain works. talenf

Published October 16th by Portfolio first published The role of parenting and,after that,the luxury of having world class mentors,coaches and teachers is a biggie,too It is not the practicing per se that is essential,it is the kind of practice you do. View all 4 comments. Colvi I couldn’t put it down These examples can help you formulate your own deliberate practice strategies so that you can get better.


This talks a little bit more than the 10,hour rule and has some really interesting insights.

Talent Is Overrated – Geoff Colvin

But his constant assertion, which runs very much contrary to popular belief, is that there is no real evidence for innate or genetic abilities playing any role in the success of world-class performers. Overraged recommended for everyone, world-class hopefuls or the rest of us who would just like to be good at whatever our passion is. I loved this book and will likely read it again when I feel like I need to “get back to the basics”. This type of practice can be mentally taxing, and very time-consuming–it normally takes years before a truly excellent performance is honed.

The key is how you practice, how you analyze the results of your progress and learn from your mistakes, that enables you to achieve greatness.

What Geoff says comports totally with my own experiences in sports, law, and business. Impressive and loved this.

Talent Is Overrated

Without another word of instruction, the group immediately sings happy birthday to Mary. There are numerous good points about this book: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Now please sing it again but better. The point of the book is in the title: Well, I geofd I could have written this book and made it a lot shorter.


The bits of this I liked the most were the little anecdotes he says along the way. Feb 06, Naumann Shaheen rated it really liked it. Much of this book is about the benefits of deliberate practice β€” which is, doing stuff that is not fun to do so as to be able to be successful at something. But his constant assertion, which runs very much contrary to popular belief, is that there is no real evidence for innate or genetic abilities playing any role in the success of world-class performer The title of this book should be ‘Talent is Irrelevant,’ as that’s essentially the author’s argument.

Talent is overrated if it is perceived to be the most important factor.

Talent is Overrated: What Really Separates World-Class Performers from Everybody Else

If I were to recommend this book, I would tell people just to read the first pages and skim any other chapters that seem interesting. Better performance, and maybe even world-class performance, is closer than you think.

Later the emphasis of the book changes, and becomes a self-help book. That being said, my review will save you the time of reading this book. Also by Geoff Colvin. Before you run out and begin your 20 hour a week,decade long regimen of practice