GfG’s safe G Gas Multi-Gas Detector is a rugged, compact instrument for simultaneous detection of up to 6 gases. G GfG Instrumentation Multigas Detector is the most compact, rugged, easy to use, with the widest range of sensor options available with a Lifetime Warranty. For Your Safety. Like any piece of complex equipment, the GfG G will do the job it is designed to do only if it is used and serviced in accordance with the.

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Is it for sure CO2 that you need? Compact and rugged design The durable Ffg continuously measures and displays readings for up to six gases at the same time. For most VOCs, however, the occupational exposure limit value is achieved long before readings reach a concentration high enough to trigger a combustible range alarm.

We can do either but I just wanted to ask to make sure. With the help of the charging tray, the battery packs can be charged comfortably. B460 pump has an own power supply, flow monitoring and communicates with the gas detector. Motorized sampling pump Gcg motorized pump includes a built-in slide-shutter switch that permits operation in either diffusion or sampledraw mode while the pump is attached.

The complete user interface can provide access to advanced setup options with three buttons. A simple three button interface provides access to advanced setup options. Apart from operation in normal diffusion mode, the gas detector can optionally tfg equipped with the electrical pump GMP2. The durable G continuously measures and displays readings for up to six gases at the same time.


The gas detector Microtector II G is particularly small and the lightest device in its class.

The wear-free and extremely durable GfG infrared sensors considerably reduce your future expenditure for maintenance and replacement of sensors. Widest range of sensors. The integrated zoom function can be used to enlarge the display at a push of a button. The G also features a g406 easy to read tricolor display which uses a color code to indicate the alarm severity.

The display feature can also flip or zoom with the touch of a button. For smooth and continuous operations, the G Multi-Gas Detector uses interchangeable alkaline and rechargeable battery packs that provide up to 25 hours of continuous operation.

Rechargeable NiMH or alkaline batteries which can be exchanged quickly and easily are available for providing the power supply. The PID provides additional protection here. The large, high resolution topmounted display can be flipped o by pressing two buttons, allowing measurements to be easily read while the detector is being worn on a belt, pocket or lapel.

Alarm activations gas thresholds and stored permanently in the internal memory. For power supply, either batteries or rechargeable batteries can be used. Thus, you can arrange your Gf gas detector gfgg fit your exact requirements. Drop-in charger The detector is inserted into the drop-in charger and the functions are available immediately. Thus in the medium-term, there is no need to replace used-up or contaminated electrochemical sensors.



Simply attach the calibration adapter and apply gas. The multi-gas detector Microtector II G has been specifically developed for g40 the requirements of daily work.

Innovative easy-to-read displays and alarms.

The instrument automatically makes adjustments and retains the three most recent calibration dates for gf sensor. The portable detector features a user friendly and intuitive interface to simplify the day to day operations. The easily attachable pump is powered by its own battery pack that provides 20 hours of continuous sampling from up to feet away.

Microtector II G460

In case of gas hazard, the display changes its colour — depending on the hazard level — like a traffic light to green, orange or red. Due to the high-class rubber coating, the device is extremely shockproof and water resistant IP From green gtg orange to red, the tricolor display is intuitive and incredibly user friendly.

The mobile test station TS and automatic test and calibrating station DS are the ideal supplements to save money, time and efforts. Whether it’s a simple functional v460 or a complete documentation, tried and tested solutions are at your disposal.

The multi-gas detector also features the widest range of sensors on the market.