Book | Ibn ‘Ata Allah: Hikam – Aphorisms الإمام ابن عطاء الله السكندري: الحكم By Ibn ‘Ata Allah al-Sakandari: → · Arabic: الحكم العطائية PDF (with tashkil). AI-Hikam of Ibn Atta’illah. English Translation & Arabic Text. Page 2. EDgUsh translation of selected wisdoms from A!-Hikam of Ibn AUa ‘Wah. I. One of the signs. Ibn Ata Allah al-Iskandari Or click here for a PDF of the original Arabic text. The Book of Wisdom (Kitab al-hikam) is a masterpiece of Islamic spiritual.

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Still others have no spiritual lights nor any remembrances — and we seek refuge with God from that. And how can he who is unable to free himself of a pressing need free someone else of one? For how can someone else remove what He has imposed? How can it be conceived that something veils Him, since, were it not for Him, the existence of everything would not have been manifest?

For has He accustomed you to anything but what is good? For this reason, they do not collide kllah anything except they knock it out: You are a gem enclosed by the shells of created forms. Your Lord is amused by a people who are pushed to Paradise in chains.

Rather, what veils you from Him is the illusion of a illlah alongside of Him. So, perhaps the two groups may meet on the Path, these going up and those going down. Many a time He accepts an act whose fruit you do not taste now. You have in God independence from everything but nothing can make you free of need from Him.

Rather, the lover spends himself on his beloved. The trials that arrive in this world are but reminders to you of what you ignore of indigence. And He expanded your free time so that some choice [in performing actions] would remain for you.


THe eye of the intellect makes you witness your nonbeing as due to His Being. And sometimes a short life is extremely fruitful. Realise your humility and He will strengthen you with His pride.

And your feeling sad for losing other than Him is a proof that you have not reached Him. For, in truth, He has not opened it for you but out of a desire to make Himself known to you. How can it be conceived that something veils Him, since He was the Manifest before the existence of anything?

Kitab Al Hikam Of Ibn Ata Illah English & Arabic

Subjects of divine attraction have His Entity revealed to them. The insincere action, He does not accept. His names point to His attributes. When you witness Him, created things are with you.

Afa He does not make any one reach His friends except he whom He wishes to make reach Him. Rather, go from creatures to the Creator: For others, dhikr and illumination are simultaneous; this last group has dhikr which guides and lights which are followed.

Roundabout he turns, his goal the same as his departure. Otherwise, where are you that you would be close to Him.

Kitab Al Hikam of Ibn Ata Illah English & Arabic

Thus, the light of day is not from you and does not belong to you; rather, it is merely being put over you. Or how can it desire to enter the Presence of God while it has not yet purified itself of the stain of forgetfulness? In every moment, God has on you a new right and important matter. He who has Him as his starting-point knows the Real as It is, and proves any matter by reference to the Being of its Origin. And only the one with insight can distinguish.


Full text of “Kitab Al Hikam Of Ibn Ata Illah English & Arabic”

J 84 84 When he opens up your understanding of deprivation, deprivation becomes the same as giving. Where were you when His special concern and care took charge of you? And what ignorance is there in an unlearned man dissatisfied with himself? How can you request reward for the truthfulness He has given you? And the place where the second group starts is where the first group ends.

It is better than that which they hoard. Inspiration is to be found in the Hereafter, while the litany vanishes with the vanishing of this world; but it its more fitting to be occupied with something for which there is no substitute.

The best one to have as a friend is He who does not seek you out for the sake of something coming from you to Him. So in both He is disclosing Himself to you, and drawing nigh with His loving kindness unto you.

Kitab Al Hikam of Ibn Ata Illah English & Arabic |

And be absent from their coming towards you by seeing God approaching you. Then, He makes them return to deep understanding of His names. Therefore, praise is to Him who veiled you, not to the one who honoured and thanked you.

And in such a state, take what is in agreement with [external] knowledge. It is illumined only by the manifestation of God in it.

So much so, that one cannot explain [the immensity] nor even allude to it.