Copyright @ HiMedia Laboratories. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction of any materials from the site is strictly prohibited. Buy HIMEDIA brand laboratory products online at best price in India. HiMedia, an ISO and ISO and WHO: GMP certified company established by professionals and technologists for manufacturing high Catalog No. Hi Media Price List Cataloguemmm Assay: ≥98% Store below 30°C GRMG GRMG CAS: R: /37/38 S.

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Gain access premium content and functions. HiMedia offers a broad range of classical himeddia, balanced salt solutions, reagents, sera, consumables and plasticware and chemicals and biochemicals required for cell culture.

Bacteriological Identification is of utmost importance when one is dealing with bacteria associated with infections. Sterility Test Filter Holder S. Please login to your HiMedia Account to add list of favourites.

HiMedia Catalogue 2018-19

Tradition and experience have made HiMedia one of the world’s leading suppliers of microscopy products. Ready to use, prepared, cultured media available in choice of plates, tubes, bottles etc for the identification of microorganisms are referred as Ready Prepared Media products. For wet chemical analysis HiMedia offer products of the highest quality. These chemicals apart from the analytical testing undergo additional performance test to verify their suitability in the specified application.


HiMedia offers a comprehensive range of chemicals and speciality biochemicals used in animal cell culture, molecular biology and plant tissue culture. Continue without sign in. These products have brought to the microbiological laboratory the highest levels of quality and performance.

Sterility Test Filter Holder S. Antimicrobial Susceptibility testing of bacterial and fungal isolates is a common and important technique in most clinical laboratories.

Laboratory Aids & Equipments

Gain access premium content and functions. Reproduction of any materials from the site is strictly prohibited.

Disinfectants and sanitizers are chemicals used to rapidly inactivate catalkgue on inanimate surfaces. The biochemical section includes. Please login to your HiMedia Account to add list of favourites. Inline Pressure Filter Holder S. For this purpose HiMedia offers a wide range of laboratory products with an added assurance of ultra fine quality at affordable price.

Anaerobic system is the energy system which provides energy in the absence of oxygen. Catalogie, leverages its in-house resources and raw material manufacturing plant to deliver high quality peptones and other culture media products. The identification cannot be done solely on the basis of morphological colony characteristic.


HiMedia is world leader in biochemicals, including antibiotics, nucleotides, proteins, poly amino acids, buffers, and carbohydrates used in fundamental research.

In order to save your products added in the Enquiry List until the final submission, you have to catalogye a registered user with login Information. Inorganic salts, inorganic acids, inorganic bases, and special inorganic reagents for analytical use are characterized.

Catalgue Tips for Micropipettes. No Enquiries in the List. Our mission is to produce quality products and ensure quality services. Dispase Solution Collagenase Solutions Trypsin 0. Please login to your HiMedia Account to add list of favourites. Copyright HiMedia Laboratories.

Continue without sign in. Catalovue, easy and rapid detection kit comprising of 50 tests. Bacteria must meet certain nutritional requirements in order to grow. Sterility Test Filter Holder S.