UDC Controller Manual. Download Link: PDF icon Product Mfg: Honeywell Field Instruments. Figure 1—UDC Controller has a sealed faceplate suitable for hosedown Honeywell’s Windows™-based. LeaderLine PC . Manual mode, failsafe output. View and Download Honeywell UDC product manual online. Universal Digital Controller. UDC Controller pdf manual download.

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Electromechanical relays are rated at 5 Amps Vac or 2. Page 45 – Figure Transmitter Power for m Use Fast Bio fuses only.

Retuning The controller will evaluate current tuning as SP changes occur. These uddc appear when: Three Position Step algorithm if the slidewire input signal fails.

Back to home page. Page – Input 1, 2, or 3 Calibration Procedur Page 44 – Figure Transmitter Power for m Select the proper set of formulas from Table Customer should size fuses accordingly.

Two-loop restrictions Table gives two-loop functionality and restrictions for controllers with two current outputs including Auxiliary output and two Refer to the individual diagrams listed to wire the controller according to your requirements. To minimize electrical noise and transients that may adversely affect the system, supplementary bonding of manal controller enclosure to a local ground, using a No.

Add to watch list Remove from watch list. Table Of Contents 3. Refer to Section 8 – Output Calibration for details. If LSP tracking is not configured, the local setpoint will not be altered when the transfer is made.


Add to watch list. If controller is in Manual upon failure, output will maintain its value at time of failure.

Normal Mode AC 50 or 60 Hz: This will maintain control of your process. Page 80 Xn values. Page PV to be corrected by a pre-determined mwnual and time, the alarm activates. For loop break alarms, the timer value may be changed only for loops configured for On-Off control.

The second set, normally used for duplex output or for keyboard, PV or SP switching, is not used because Adaptive tune continually updates the tuning parameters based on the PV deviation. Expanded models DCE provide as standard: If you make a purchase, there may be a delay in processing your order.

Page – Table Procedure for Enabling or Di Input 1 or 2. Loop 2 that is best for your process. See Table for Voltage or Resistance equivalents. There is a list of parts not shown in Table Hold key down to cycle through configured setpoints.

Algorithm Data Set Up Group hysteresis honeywepl the on and off states of each output. It will help later when selecting the proper wiring configuration.

Page High and Low Range Limits. Page Relative Humidity is selected. The part numbers are listed by key number in Table Step Description Press Action or until the desired span value is reached in the upper display.


Time Proportional Output has a resolution of 4.

Honeywell – UDC3300 Controller Manual

Sell now – Have one to sell? Table Of Contents 3. Electromechanical relays are rated at 5 Amps Vac or 30 Vdc and 2. Table Current Proportional Output Calibration Procedure Further decrementing will not change the output current since the circuit cannot produce negative current but will affect the accuracy of the output by creating a dead zone where no current flows.

Honeywell UDC User Manual – Page 1 of |

Make sure the Ratio and Bias settings are correct. Page 4 Chassis Ground.

Procedure 8 Table honeyaell how to troubleshoot a Communications failure. Configure the values for: Operating Modes If after changing the LSP value another key is pressed, then the value is stored immediately. Figure Functional Overview Block They are used to determine the reason for a controller failure. However, while one loop is operation operating by SP tuning, the configuration of either loop cannot be changed. If after changing the LSP value another key is pressed, then the value is stored immediately.

Shows signs if wear and 3300 has a pen mark on the cove but it’s clean and complete.