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Immigration Canada. This application is made available free by. Citizenship and Immigration Canada and is not to be sold to applicants. IMM E (). you Permanent Resident Travel Document (IMM ) so you can take it with you in your travel. You need this out the link. and additionally in the Applying for a travel document (permanent resident abroad) (IMM ) section,. This application is for permanent.

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If a representative is being paid or compensated by someone other than you, the representative is still considered to be a compensated representative. IRCC will only conduct business with compensated representatives who are in good standing with their designated regulatory body. While there are no guidelines about the supporting documents to submit, you must provide documents and information on any aspect of your exceptional circumstances that would justify keeping your permanent resident status.

Some visa application centres VACs changed services and locations on November 2, Who should not apply for a Permanent Resident Travel Document?

Fill in this section 559 you wish to cancel the appointment of a representative. Generally, then, under current lawso long as you continue to be living abroad, there is not an option to “simply apply for a new PR card when the time comes” unless by “when the time comes” you mean when you have returned to actually live in Canada.

Print your address in English or French and, if needed, in the applicable script. Thanks for any helpful experiences or inside knowledge in response to this query.

PRTD – How do I get one?

There have only been isolated cases in which removal proceedings have been predicated on distinguishing the PR as not accompanying the Canadian citizen abroad despite their being abroad together, and generally so long as the couple are living together ikm, that has been sufficient to show that kmm PR is ” accompanying ” the Canadian citizen abroad.


If your representative is compensated, write the membership ID number of: Each applicant, no matter the age, must fill out a separate application form. There have been a couple cases and other hints that CIC is more strictly iimm what it means to be “employed abroad by a Canadian employer” in assessing that exception to the PR residency obligation one case overtly stating that a permanent job abroad, albeit for a Canadian employer, does not qualify for the exception, that the exception is for temporary assignments abroad.

In which case, if that is after the current PR card expires in ? Forum Permissions You cannot post 5592 topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot create polls in this forum You cannot vote in polls in this forum.

Send this form along with your application to the office listed in the guide of imn application. Compensated representatives charge a fee or receive some other form of consideration in exchange for the representation that they provide.

Otherwise you may not be able to travel to Canada.

Applying for a Permanent Resident Travel Document (IMM 5529)

It is a serious crime to provide false or misleading information on these forms. Who should use this application guide? Uncompensated representatives do not charge fees or receive any other form of consideration or compensation for providing advice or services to represent you before IRCC or the CBSA.

Some examples of private vehicles include, but are not limited to: Question 6 Check one box to indicate if your representative is uncompensated or compensated. Since you don’t have to have legal status in both countries to obtain Nexus, it seems that having one passport would suffice.

You make no hint that this is relevant to your situation, and thus is probably totally NOT relevant to your situation. Question 3 If you have already submitted your application, write: I emphasized ” under current law ” because various aspects of this are always subject to changes in the law, and whenever you are looking at the best course of action to take years from now such asand particularly whenever you are relying on an exception in the law such as relying on the exception for the PR residency obligation for a PR accompanying a Canadian citizen spouse abroadthe potential for changes in the law should not be overlooked.


PRTD – How do I get one? – Questions about Permanent Residency – Discussion Forum

I know of no plans to change the law governing the PR residency obligation, but if for example the Conservatives were to win another majority government next year electionin your situation I would be paying attention to any news about prospective immigration law changes. I can’t find what I’m looking for. im

Download the photo information sheet and take it with you to the photographer. By signing, you certify that you fully understand the questions asked, and that the information you have provided is complete, truthful, and correct. Naturally, I would prefer to apply for a Canadian passport instead of renewing a PR card which I might have to and hopefully would be entitled to surrender immediately. You do not have to pay someone for them to be your representative.

Humanitarian and compassionate grounds. If you know which IRCC office is processing your immigration or citizenship application, send the completed form to the office mailing address. This applies to advice or consultation which happens before or after a citizenship or an immigration application is made or a proceeding begins.

You must provide all information and documents when you submit your application. Also I do apologize for rambling onikm have nothing to hide, but we want to make sure we’re not saying anything at the port-of-entry every time we visit that will raise undue suspicions of any sort.