storage:: nas storage:: px4 d Lenovo Data Center Support – US. pxd (Iomega). Change Product. Product Details. Operating System. Select an. The StorCenter pxd Network Storage Enclosure from Iomega is a network storage enclosure, perfect for use in small offices, workgroups, and home. LenovoEMC pxd Network Storage Server Class – NAS server – 8 TB overview and full product specs on CNET.

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It is compatible with Mac, Windows, iomea Linux clients. Iomega Personal Cloud Iomega Personal Cloud is the revolutionary technology that allows you to protect and share your data.

Business users will be happy with the vast functionality of the device. Tandberg Data Storage Library. Setting the drives inside the enclosure is fun, all that is needed is a hand screwdriver.

Iomega StorCenter PX4-300d Review

In addition, you can manage controls such as device iomeya from here. Moving to even smaller transfer sizes with the random 4K transfers, the PXd is back on top. Rated 4 out of 5 by Anonymous from Great support! On the front, you will find the power button at the top right and a welcomed USB 3.

This allows me to pick drives depending on my data requirement and business needs. It should only take several minutes to power up the NAS and have the Iomega Jomega Manager locate the device on the network.

During its initial set up, a wizard walks you through some common tasks, such as setting up networking and users. Loading the drives was very easy as the drive carriers are located iomeega an easy to open front door. The speed is fantastic, the aesthetics of the unit is attractive and the built in server features are truly excellent.

E-mail alerts and Event Logging provide up-to-the minute updates on the status of your device even when you are away from your computer.


The pxd simplifies a number of issues including photo sharing, all I had to do was to invite guests to join my personal cloud by sending invites. Iomega rates the StorCenter PXd with average active power rate of 53W and a hibernation drives spun down rate of 32W. Qualstar Q40 Tape Library.

Out of the box it is simple to setup and start serving files to your work group or home office. Read speeds varied between 0. To test the power consumption we used a Kill-a-Watt power meter and IOMeter to simulate disk loads during normal activity.

The System Status screen is a consolidated resource on space utilization, device information, and status. I use this product as a Raid mirror backup of all my important documents, videos, and audio. Long term maintence is also easy through the web interface, with quick status messages without having to dig through the console.

Third party applications can be installed using the embedded application manager. Capacity None Bays 4x 2. Support for Microsoft’s Active Directory, user quotas, and user-replaceable drives round out the server’s impressive professional feature set. Qualstar Q8 Tape Autoloader. Includes support for SCSI-3 persistent reservations. The PXd and the pxd are desktop devices that support up to four drives and six drives respectively.

Iomega StorCenter PXd Review | – Storage Reviews

Easily manage capacity by setting maximum limits per user. This allows media files stored on the drive to be streamed to DLNA-certified devices — whose members include many popular digital media players. It is a handy feature introduced by Iomega, as it makes it much easier to detect any issues with the NAS by having this useful LCD display at your disposal.

The Iomega Stprcenter Cloud technology offers unparalleled simplicity and versatility for data protection and access. Another interesting aspect is that the apps for my iPhone was also available, using this I was able to access my NAS easily.


Active Directory, SNMP and cloud integration that allow it to be used in a wide range of environments. Automatic hard drive spin-down assures the most efficient power consumption. I wanted a USB drive as well and the px4 proved effective in this manner. Data organization and access: Iomega is now LenovoEMC. Overall we were very pleased by storcentrr good mix of performance or usability, with only some reservations about the power consumption It can house up to 4 2.

Business users will appreciate the robust data protection features such as multiple RAID levels with hot swap drives, UPS support, print serving, user quotas, device-to-device data replication and certification for most virtualization environments. The NAS device is solid and operates without any noise.

After the system was up and running, rates varied between 42W at idle to 50W under constant sequential write access. Ideal for video surveillance applications. After adding the drives, plugging Ethernet in, and shorcenter it up, the control panel displays the time, IP address, storage space and the name of the device. Active Directory support and remote access round out the comprehensive business features.

I have installed 2X2TB Seagate drives and they work fine. One-touch copying via the QuikTransfer button.

NIC bonding for failover and load balancing iomdga You can create additional users and secure their content with password protection. In our tests we found access requirements to be a little higher than specified, although some of that could vary depending on what drives were used we used 4 drives in RAID5 for or tests.