The doorkeepers of Vaikuntha are the twins, Jaya and Vijaya, both whose 7 reasons to buy Jaya: Illustrated Retelling of Mahabharata by. Get Free Read Online Ebook PDF jaya an illustrated retelling of the illustrated retelling of the mahabharata devdutt pattanaik PDF file for free from our online. Book Review- Jaya: An illustrated Retelling of the Mahabharata. Shafin Shabir But it would be incorrect to say that they were completely free. Women in this.

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May 01, Vinay Leo R. This text is extremely focused for reading compared to the plethora of books on this topic.

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Increasingly, English is becoming the language of communication, even among young Indians. It will remain a favorite for a long long mahabharatw to maahabharata. Many thoughts which prodded and poked at my sleepy mind and conscience. There was hardly any chapter in which I didn’t come across some new tidbit or other, and that is when I have watched all 94 episodes of B.

The title should be at least 4 characters long.

Jaya: An Illustrated Retelling of the Mahabharata by Devdutt Pattanaik

Nonetheless, Patnaik has tried to tell all the sub-plots and stories behind characters. I sometimes get bored by the various stories and sub stories. Not surprising that I retained this feeling through this book too. August 16, Imprint: Nov 04, Samidha Kalia rated it really liked it. Wanted to read Mahabharata before I moved on to reading some other books which compare their content with Mahabharata and its characters.

It’s greatness, be it story wise or intent wise, is immeasurable.

The little notes that Devdutt has added gives us a perspective to how the story influenced as well as got influenced by people of various times. There was no hero or villain in the epic, just people struggling with life, responding to crises, making mistakes, repeating mistakes, in innocence or ignorance, while trying to make their lives meaningful and worthwhile. Each part has further subdivisions each of which further contain many stories. There are several translations and retellings floating around.


If you are really looking for an authentic story of Mahabharata, I would strongly recommend Rajaji’s ‘Mahabharata’. As a story, it is better written than Jaya, though Jaya has more information packed into it.

I hungered to read them in a continuity — for chronology, for ease of understanding, and most importantly, for enjoyment. By reading this cree I learnt 55 new words. The whole story is like a riddle, that makes you go on, still asking questions, still left unanswered until it dawns upon you.

Jaya: An Illustrated Retelling of the Mahabharata

Mar 11, Sumirti Singaravel rated it it was ok Shelves: The author has delivered the book in a very readable format with engaging illustrations in each chapter. E’ scritto in un inglese semplice e scorrevole e contiene delle illustrazioni molto belle.

Jaya is not the same as the Mahabharatha that many of us has seen as the never ending episodes in Doordarshan TV. Richly illustrated with over line drawings by the author, the chapters abound with little-known details such as the names of the hundred Kauravas, the worship of Draupadi as a goddess in Tamil Nadu, the illustraged of Astika, Madhavi, Jaimini, Aravan and Barbareek, the Mahabharata version of the Shakuntalam and the Ramayana, and the dating of the war based on astronomical data.

Taking the stories from different sources allows the author to provide illustrateed detailed descriptions of many plots in the epic. These comments also give a philosophical flavor to the epic.


We should accept that there are parts of them which are outdated. In my professional career as an economist, I read several books, almost always centred on economics. A complete page turner. This was a mine house of less known facts. I have never been much interested in mythology but I remembered some of Mahabharata from B. You’ve successfully reported this review.

Agatha Christie Mystery Collection. It is a collection of stories, which of course are the core stories from the Mahabharata.

Book Review- Jaya: An illustrated Retelling of the Mahabharata | Shafin Shabir –

This indicates that the epic first took shape in Vedic times which were dominated by beliefs in elemental spirits. A few interesting folk tale traditions and the author’s take on what the driving philosophy is makes the book a worthwhile read but it all smacks a bit strongly of buddhism.

There are four excellent reasons to read this book. It explains why the epic is part of the grand Vedic cosmos and how it cannot be understood without appreciating Ramayana, Vishnu Purana, Shiva Purana and Devi Purana 7. We are only aware of “The Mahabharatha” as an ancient epic that tells a story of the war between 2 families,but when does a tale become an epic?

His interpretation and explanations at the end of every chapter make it even better. The numerous characters, their inner conflicts, their complex relations, their d Reading mahabharata was a sudden and unexpected choice on my part.