Programming Languages: History and Fundamentals (Automatic In , Jean Sammet was a programming language technology manager for the Federal. Jean Sammet: Programming Language. Contributor and Historian, and. ACM President. Thomas J. (Tim) Bergin. American University. Editor: Thomas Haigh. Jean E. Sammet, History of IBM’s technical contributions to high level programming languages, IBM Journal of Research and Development, v n.5, p.

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Computer Pioneer Jean E. Sammet Programmed before Programming Was a Thing

From to she served as programming technology planning manager for the Federal Systems Division and in as software technology manager. Atomist Year in Review: She is doing consulting and also working on the second edition of her programming languages book.

From to she was on jaen board of directors of the Computer Museum. She served one year of a two-year term before resigning because she was elected vice president of ACM in Born March 23,New York, N.

Archived from the original on She started programming in the s and kindly indulged my request for a photo.

Jean Sammet

She was a key member of the group which first developed Cobol inserving as chairman of the Statement Language Task Group and the Editing Committee. Solving Data Portability with Kubernetes: InSammet and five other programmers established much of the design of the influential COBOL programming language, in a proposal written in a span of two weeks that was eventually accepted by Sylvania’s U. Jean and Helen attended public elementary schools in Manhattan.

  DIN 3771-5 PDF

In Sammet began looking for a position in education. Interview with Kubernetes Pioneer Tim Hockin.

Through the years Sammet also gave lectures on programming languages within IBM and published over 50 papers. Jean and her sister Programmnig were born to Harry and Ruth Sammet who were both lawyers.

While taking courses toward a Ph. History and Fundamentals contained a description of the histories of many languages, as well as significant technical material. Feature image via Teepublic. She also has other files of historical, computer-related material.

Chef Open Source Community: She holds a B. In her book Programming Languages: This forced Sammet to seek other types of employment.

Her first task was to write the basic loader for the SPEEDAC, which was a line program that took three prpgramming to toggle into the computer by hand in binary.

Sammet took to the electronic accounting machines, but was unable to work with the machines after her training was complete. In that capacity she initiated numerous projects, including major concerns with archiving material.

Parts of Sperry still exist today, now absorbed into Unisys and Honeywell. She was president of the ACM from to and is a world authority on the history of programming languages. Convert log data to table format using new Log Analytics capabilities. History and Fundamentals was published by Prentice-Hall and has been described by others as “the standard work on programming languages” and an “instant computer classic. She served as an ACM lecturer from to and again in Code examples and comparison for From the very early childhood, she showed her interests for programmihg and spent hours reading and solving mathematical calculations.


From childhood on I hated to throw programimng away. As a result, I created important files and documents of my own and became concerned with having other people publish material on their important work so the facts rather programming the myths would be known publicly.

Computer Pioneers – Jean E. Sammet

The group produced other system software and focused on scientific and engineering computations. She initiated and produced the Self-Study Department in that journal through Her book Programming Languages: I do not consider an assembly language even a sophisticated one to be a programming language.

Sammet Programmed before Programming Was a Thing. At the time of her vice presidency, ACM was almost bankrupt. In order to gain interest in SICSAM, Sammet wrote letters to people she identified through publications and what was happening in the field at that time. Conquering a Double-Barrel Webpack Upgrade. In she became programming language technology manager in the IBM Systems Development Division to enable her to write a book on programming languages. She turns 89 next month.

Jean Sammet Fellow For her contributions to the field of programming languages and its history. We are seeing a new round of appreciations for Jean E. But soon Sammet was working at Sperry Corporation, a long-standing electronics company that was first founded in Brooklyn in Sammet was born on March 23, in New York City.