Get the guaranteed best price on Unpowered Stage Subwoofers like the JBL JRXS 18″ Compact Subwoofer at Musician’s Friend. Get a low price and free . Product Description. JBL JRX Sub Cover Bag. Convertible cover for JRXS – specially designed to protect your loudspeakers. A new, patent pending. The JBL JRX S is a passive subwoofer that has a clean sound in almost any room size. I would crank this subwoofer up in many different spaces and would.

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You can get watts of peak power out of this woofer and at continuous use. Cheap insurance in that aspect I guess. I am not sure what your 4 ohm warning means for this sub.

Adding more JBL JRX118S Subs to JBL JRX PA Setup

I tested these boxes on a weekend instead of my Yamaha SW. An NL-4 connector will not fit into an NL-2 jack.

Log in Become a member. The sound of this sub is very clean, the low tones are full and rich and when you use it with some jrz speakers it will just complete the sound and work for any style of music. You will get a good quality piece of gear from them all of the time.


I know the QSC will not work on the 2 jrc load, but the Behringer says it will. According the specs you should be able to run 2 subs off each channel.

Download the JBL JRXSP manuals for free – Hifi Manuals

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If you analogize the load on the amp to to towing with a pickup truck, yeah, maybe you can tow two boats at once, but how long is the engine and transmission going to last with twice the stress?

You can leave all the FOH amps jdx home and sound better doing it. I’m thinking its a selectable full range or crossed over throughput selection but I’m not sure. Maybe I’m way off base here, I’m still learning These subs are built to take a beating; I still own mine and though I do not use it anymore I will never get rid of it because 1118 symbolized how hard I use to have to work.

Hifi Manuals

Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. I would crank this subwoofer up in many different spaces and would get zero distortion or muddy sounding bass. The EP running the tops and two GX5s running two sets of subs I think I’m going to pull the trigger and find another GX5 amp, they are cheap enough.


View the Media Kit. There’s also a negative side. In my opinion, you can really do irx better. This is the subwoofer line from JBL that originally made me fall in love with their subs in the first place, the JRX line of subs was a way to get jdx great sounding bass without having to spend a ton of money on krx subwoofer.

I use it for about 6 months like the clutter reduced. Note that Speakon is a brand name of Neutrik.

Adding more JBL JRXS Subs to JBL JRX PA Setup | Harmony Central

A wiser course of action, IMO. I am wondering what speakon connection does what here is one input and one output? Cheap tools are damned expensive. It was tough to take at first but they really did help my band’s sound. The OP was going to daisy chain 2 subs a side on the amp. That is good to know about Musician’s Friend. Hello, I am looking to add two more subwoofers to my PA setup.

Just a note they are also a 4 ohm box. You feel well on the reggae and zouk – HP 4 ohms which requests the amp a little harder.