Aku teringat kisah Sumayyah. Beliau sekeluarga telah ditangkap oleh Abu Jahal dan kuncukuncunya. Dengan ketabahan hati Sumayyah sekeluarga, serta taat. Ambil Su jadi isteri, Fawwaz,” kata Sumayyah bagaikan merayu. Katalah apa pun padanya, dia sudah tidak kisah lagi. Apa yang dia tahu, dia mahu diberi. The heroic story of Sumayyah is absolutely gorgeous and beautiful to be observed attentively. The story remains have done it”. Kisah Shahabat- Shahabiyah.

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Ibnu Katsir described the pain faced by Sumayyah and kixah his family. The injury had destroyed their body, but the great faith inside their hearts were steady like cliff mountain.

Diambil daripada ” https: Yasir, his wife, and their son, Ammar, all three accepted Islam simultaneously, and they were among the earliest Muslims. He says she married a Byzantine slave named Azraq after Yasir’s death. All three were savagely tortured by Kisa Jahl and the other infidels. Translated by Bewley, A.

Sumayyah binti Khayyat

Your meeting-place will be Paradise. Kisah beliau yang masih dikenang adalah saat beliau sekeluarga ditangkap oleh Abu Jahal dan kuncu-kuncunya. Islam for Hope and Life.

Moreover, she is the first Islamic woman who fight for Islam against the unbelievers. Hasil perkahwinan itu mereka dikurniakan seorang anak lelaki yang bernama Ammar ibn Yasir.


The Companions of Badrp. They were killed for no reason kisa than their devotion to Allah and their love for Islam and Muhammad Mustafa. There was no similar woman like her, she make her patient and endurance as the evidence of sincerity to Allah destiny. Although described as “a very old and frail woman,” Sumayyah remained steadfast and refused to abandon Islam. The Life of Mahometvol. But, they tortured them on Makka.

Sumayyah binti Khayyat – Wikipedia Bahasa Melayu, ensiklopedia bebas

Sumayyah was kept quite while intimidating by him. Rupa Baca Sunting Sunting sumber Lihat sejarah. But Yasir and his wife had no one to defend them; they bore no arms, and they were the most defenseless of all the martyrs of Islam.

Akhirnya dengan balingan lembing oleh Abu Jahal, Sumayyah gugur mati syahid dan Sumayyah merupakan wanita pertama Islam yang gugur mati syahid. The Companions of Badr. Archived at the Wayback Machine. After coming to Mecca to look for a lost brother, he had decided to settle there under Abu Hudhayfa’s protection. Berdasarkan hasil riset universitas Al Azhar, membaca Al Qur’an dapat meningkatkan kinerja otak dan mempertajam ingatan sampai dengan Ibnul Atsir stated, “She is the seventh person who become moslem at the first period of Islam.

Manfaat Membaca Al Qur’an. A little later, her husband, Yasir, was also tortured to death, and he became the Second Martyr in Islam. Stay Away From These 8 Ch Biographies of the Prophet’s Companions and Their Successorspp.


Tabari mentions of an alternative account of Sumayyah’s life. She endured kisahh life on suffer and temptation. The heroic story of Sumayyah is absolutely gorgeous and beautiful to be observed attentively. Her master gave her in marriage to Yasir ibn Amirwho was from the Malik clan of the Madhhij tribe in Yemen.

State University of New York Press. She was old but always struggle against the sumxyyah of unbelievers. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. At a later date, Abu Hudhayfa freed both Sumayyah and her son Ammar; but they remained his clients for the rest of his life.

Sumayyah bint Khabbat

The Quraysh persecuted Muslims of low social rank. She bore him a son named Salamah and their bloodline eventually married into the Umayyad family.

Laman ini diubah buat kali terakhir pada Abu Jahal wanted her to come to his group, as the unbelievers.