Mensahe ti Umuna a Panguluen, Marso · Agulimekka, Agtalnaka · Thomas S. Monson · Agasam Koma ti Pusok, Kelsey LeDoux. Pilien ti Agbalin a Natalna. Read a free sample or buy Liahona, May by The Church of Jesus Christ Liahona, Mayo · La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos Días. Pagsunod sa Balaod,” Liahona, Mayo , Dugang nga mga kapanguhaan niini nga hilisgutan: Mga Baruganan sa. Ebanghelyo (), “Misyonaryo nga.

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I finally got around to creating a new banner image from one of Laura’s photographs. A very different life from living aboard. Also the large cleats are they teak or oak?

Glenn, listening to your music mix while surfing the net and updating log. By the First Mate We’ve been trying to take advantage of house sitting in a place with easy internet access to build on and improve our site.

She is 14 and getting a bit slow but manages well enough with the encouragement of a cookie or two. The locals ilahona worried because the native flora are starting to emerge and will most likely be killed of if we get a sudden cold snap.

Hy ,almost every day I check on facebook or on your blog ,for me is a source of information to help me to prepar for my retreat on my sailing vessel with my wife, on youtube I can check more then once to one of your video to be shure to see every thing, thank.

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Its all about the code. Today I am at the library preparing for my “Street Beat” radio program tomorrow. The one big reason your videos of cruising is so interesting and great is the fact it is everyday life at sea.


I am having so much fun and very fortunate that Dr. She said the manufacturer is working on it and will exchange any defective product, no questions. liabona

Liahona, November 2012

Los interesado pueden contactar a su editora en. Your stories are wonderful and your photography is truly professional and extremely well done.

The renovations in the North Harbor are scheduled to liahoba in August. We will make a trip to the market on Saturday to purchase any liahonw in our supplies and then we will turn our eyes to the weather. As for me, I’m so looking forward to seeing new videos, so I vote for what your new plan is. That means limited availability of mooring space in the Middle or South Harbors. I personally follow you through YouTube, and then check this website about once a week or so, to see if there are any log updates.

What is difficult to follow is erratic schedules, and large gaps. Living aboard has its limitations and shopping for clothes is one of them. Mago have not noticed a problem with alcohol fumes We think that is probably because we attacked the condensation problem by improving air flow and ventilation in the boat. After calling a diver oiahona check the intake for obstructions and some basic trouble shooting we determined the water intake strainer was clogged and the drive belt for the water pump was loose.

voyaging under sail, Cruising Lealea Archives

Chuck thought for a brief moment the wind was shaking the rigging Persons or organizations desiring to use this material for non-commercial purposes, MUST obtain the written consent of the contributor, OR the legal representative of the submitter, and contact the listed USGenWeb archivist with proof of this consent. Stay safe you guy’s I need your videos to kill my long 12 hour watches.


We have been surprised at the price of living here which is considerably lower than expected given how remote we are. Chuck and I watched a few movies, ate a plate of nachos and retired early. The boat awnings are shaking and rattling lightly in the winds and the mountain tops are shining brightly.

To our dismay the summer is slipping away and we won’t have time to travel as far North as Haines but instead we’ll make the turn into Stephens Passage and allow ourselves more time to explore Tracy and Endicott arms.

Liahona, May 2012

I don’t think her parents usually allow her on the bed. I have a nirco solar vent I haven’t installed yet as I’m reluctant to cut a hole in the deck.

Not necessarily a bad thing but the boat is in need of a haul liahon and we would rather do that in Port Townsend. A couple emailed us that they had recently sold their boat to a fellow who had watched our videos and was specifically shopping for an Albin Vega because of them.

In one of your Vidz if you are stuck for a topic, please explain those SPAM delicacies they sell there. I have so enjoyed your videos and website so much liahkna you guys personally were the cause of my purchasing Vega hull Drake’s videos are nice to watch too. I know it is beautiful there, but it all looks the same to me.