Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Lise Haines is Writer in Residence at Emerson College, has held a Briggs-Copeland lectureship at Harvard, and was a . Review. Girl in the Arena. by Lise Haines. Eighteen-year-old Lyn has lived her entire life in the world of gladiators, and this modern-day version. Uber enters the arena first to thundering applause. I’ve read in Sword and Shield that he rubs a quart of Glow on his skin before a match.

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I’d read a few reviews here and there, some favorable, some middling, and I knew I loved the cover. Very few, if any, of the people of Girl in the Kn are such simple creatures.


My main problem was that I couldn’t buy into the world that Haines created to tell her thf. Gladiator fighting in an urban setting?

All of that said, this book is riddled with flaws. I’m trying to make more of an effort to read the physical copies in my TBR pile instead of always just reading ebooks. The entire premise of glad fighting and the fact that aena was okay with it was just ridiculous to me. It’s almost incidental that she ends up fighting in the arena, and it’s only one fight.

Hanies that, my fellow GoodReaders, is when I started reading everything YA in pursuit of awesome books with really great protagonists. This review is a warning that you might wish you’d die if you read the book and it’s chock full of spoilers. Mostly the book follows her family’s life after her stepfather dies and how she watches it destroy her mother.

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When I saw a few days ago that my library had an ebook copy available hanies lend, I snatched it up with glee. View all 10 comments.

Girl in the Arena: Lise Haines: Bloomsbury USA Childrens

Every now and then in the Young Adult genre we have a break out success that spawns one hundred This view will contain spoilers. View all 16 comments. Lyn is a pacifist—she thinks. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Blah blah blah Dummy only gets properly motivated when her brother might be put into a home because she can be selfish and stupid about everything except that.

I’m going to need some alcohol and a few charts and diagrams to bring you through this mother. And that is the whole basis of this plot. If Tommy doesn’t fight fair, they could lose everything: Instead, it took me out of the story even more.

The time-line of the story was weird and it made these pop-culture references seem totally out of place. You see why I felt cheated?

The writing style was enough to make me want to poke my eyes out until I got used to it. Why doesn’t she take her chances with him? Especially when religion was in no way part of the equation. I liked this book in the beginning but by the end it was a sinking ship. I like how Mark and his parents protected and helped Lyn in times of trouble.


It is basically the same concept and plotline redone by different authors in every novel I pick up. Thoughts are sometimes italicized, but sometimes they aren’t. And I couldn’t wrap my mind around Americans in embracing murder.

The only interesting character was Lyn’s little brother who’s a seer or something. This was not the case with Girl in the Arena. And I shall warn everyone right now, this book has no quotation marks.

Or should Hainse say, the idea of the plot.

GIRL IN THE ARENA by Lise Haines | Kirkus Reviews

When Lyn’s seventh father dies in the ring, his opponent, Uber, captures Lyn’s dowry bracelet-and her hand in marriage. Ihr jetziger Mann Zum Inhalt: Where to begin with this book?

Bad writing, info dumps, and whiny characters, oh my! The most poignant relationship for me here was between Lyn and her 7th father. No, that’s not because it’s intricate and entertaining. Fight Club society doesn’t belong in ancient Rome.