Com estrutura didática e organizada, este livro é um diferencial na Solidworks Premium – Teoria e Prática No Desenvolvimento de 22 results Editor. -and-coalgebra-in- – .. . – free-the-complete-and-premium-guide-on-how-to-get-stuff-on-amazon-for-free. pdf.

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solidworks premium

Information that relates to the relationships between the parts is put into an assembly. You could design the robot easily with the sketch layout, but simulating the motion in 3D would be difficult if you did it in conjunction with the sketch. Select a suitable model, preferably one with an interior that you want to virtually wander around inside.

You can also select it on the Evaluate tab of the CommandManager or from a custom location by choosing ToolsCustomizeCommandsTools and dragging Assembly Visualization to the toolbar of your choice. To move a part out of a subassembly, you can simply drag the part into the upper-level assembly. By making all of the features for all parts within a single part file, you make troubleshooting much more difficult, and rebuild times are dramatically increased.

Cross-Reference Equations are discussed in detail in Chapter After the first part, any additional parts you put into the assembly will either fall where you drop them if you drop them in the graphics window or be positioned at the assembly origin if you drop them into the FeatureManager.

To move the parts, you have to move the sketch and rebuild. You can apply decals to parts or components at the assembly level. Mates coming into conflict, flipping direction, or losing references are the most common errors that you might see when mating parts directly to one another in an assembly. You cannot apply an appearance as a subassembly component; it is either the part or the entire subassembly.

The edges always contrast slightly with the shaded color, but the contrast is less than if the edges are always black. Show the tree in flat rather than nested display. It is a better practice to make A drive both B and C directly.

solidworks office professional

Another situation might be in-context relations where the parent and child components move relative to one another. You can find a complete description in the SolidWorks Parts Bible. Special icons also exist for hidden and suppressed components. Of the methods that are presented in this book, this is the most common yet least reliable method.


When it comes right down to it, the only hard and fast rule about SolidWorks is that there are no hard and fast rules.

SolidWorks Assemblies Bible – PDF

You just select the part and drag the cursor. Click to toggle the Value Bars to show the relative weights of parts.

This type of moving is not always as precise as you might need, so SolidWorks enables other types of moving with different interfaces. This book includes many details that come from practical usage and is focused on the needs of professional users, not on student learners.

One answer to this problem is to create the shape in a single part, then break the single part into individual bodies, and then save the bodies external to the original part. Click the Capture Walk-through button. Frequently in this book, I have suggested enhancement requests that the reader may want to make. You won’t see all of the elements shown in Figure 2.

Component patterns are listed premiium the bottom of solidwogks assembly FeatureManager with a set of components under a LocalPattern icon. One of the most valuable methods is to use SmartMates and Mate References. This prmeium not as reliable as the Move With Triad option. It can create sketches that change with every rebuild and can seriously impact rebuild times.

If the faces change in such a way that the way the mate works changes, parts can move in a way you don’t expect. These options offer you a wide range of flexibility for altering the appearance of the part. When you move the cursor right over the axis you want to click, the axis appears highlighted in yellow. Is the assembly intended primarily for design? These items offer the same standard functionality as their part document counterparts. They have been adapted to SolidWorks use in different forms.

If you want to contact me for commercial help with a modeling project, my address is the best place to start that type of conversation. Remember that you can use Tags in some ways like custom properties. When you look at the two functionalities, the feature is definitely intended to be used as an in-context tool, while you can more easily use the technique as a reference for controlling part position through mating rather than as a way to directly control the sizes and shapes of the parts.


Repeat Steps prtifa, 7, and 8 until you are done. For example, mates are prtida from the upper level to the subassembly.

For example, the most common problem with mouse drivers is that tdoria the model gets close to the sides of the graphics window and the scroll bars engage, the middle mouse button MMB suddenly changes its function. There is no cursor snap, nor does one leg change color, so you can’t really be sure that you are going to move a part in a specific direction until you see the part actually moving. This creates a dependency that changes the usual order. The relationship between the parts does not have any memory, so if you started the in-context relationships before the parent part was complete, and then put fillets over the edges that you had referenced, your in-context references would fail.

Conflicts between external references and motion are another common reason to create a new assembly document.

You can find CAD programs that work like this, but they tend to be either older or less powerful. Working with assembly equations Assembly equations work like part equations, but with some additional complications and considerations.

Performance BOM Relative motion Pre-fabricated, off-the-shelf considerations According to assembly steps for a process drawing To simplify patterning The underlying question here is based on the multiple functions of your SolidWorks assembly model. In this way, folders can help you organize data that is not appropriate for a subassembly to organize for you. The multi-body method is probably best for this type of design.

It is completely possible to have access to most of the software’s functions with the S toolbar and either the Menu Bar. As a process tool, you need to be able to show the assembly in various intermediate states of being assembled, likely with configurations.

All the remaining entity types that can be found in the assembly FeatureManager are also ptemium features, and you can reorder them in the tree.