TITLE: Majic, Eyes Only. AUTHOR: Ryan S Wood. PUBLISHER: Wood & Wood Enterprises, Quail Ridge Drive Broomfield Colorado. United States. The Paperback of the Majic Eyes Only: Earth’s Encounters with Extraterrestrial Technology by Ryan S. Wood at Barnes & Noble. Buy a cheap copy of Majic Eyes Only book by Ryan S. Wood. MAJIC EYES ONLY is the most authoritative and comprehensive chronicle ever published on the.

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Joao Parreira marked it as to-read Feb 07, Some of the more learned UFOlogists amoungst us may know this case particularly well, but for those that don’t, well I won’t spoil it here by going into it, you’ll have to buy the book and find out.

rhan My library Help Advanced Book Search. It’s not just Roswell we’re talking about here; we’re looking at a few other cases of what people have described as ‘The Greys’. Therefore I strongly recommend this book, make a point of ordering it rywn, take it from me, you will not be disappointed. Conformco added it Jun 15, Wood Limited preview – Needless to say, within an hour the Air Force arrived and took away all the hospital staff notebooks and X rays which were still hanging up soaking wet.

Majic, Eyes Only by Ryan S. Wood

It initially started with fire ball reports and later turned eyex something straight out of the Twilight Zone, with monsters and aircraft shooting at a fleet of UFOs. To ask other readers wpod about Majic Eyes Onlyplease sign up. Of course for the Joe Bloggs or the proverbial ‘man in the street’ he is more likely to know about the crash at Roswell New Mexico than he is of the crash at Easter Somaliland in as depicted in this book. However, that said, this is a fantastic collection of ‘alleged’ UFO crashes brought woos for public consumption and as such deserves your attention.

Nadir marked it as to-read Feb 10, Michelle Baker marked it as to-read Mar 27, Whilst that may seem a reasonable statement and assumption to make, there are reasons given which I’ll come to shortly that explains why crashes would happen.


Emy Bitner rated it really liked it Dec 05, John Van Fossen marked it as to-read May 01, Mike marked it as to-read Mxjic 05, It presents never-before-published photos that may be the first public view of a UFO crash knly, a primer on the modern history of UFO retrievals, and an in-depth look at documents detailing government concern and aggressive security.

Valerie marked it as to-read Feb 03, Of course Ryan could only work on the facts that he had. While everyone of the cases may not prove to be of extraterrestrial origin, he has provided a body of technological evidence that strongly suggests that vehicles not made on Earth have ryn here and some of them have been recovered.

If this is a true document and not a ‘plant’ well jeez oh this is the document to top all documents. Coastal batteries fire for more than one hour at these UFOs which were visible to hundreds of rayn and yet not hit anything?

Now think about it, that’s not as absurd as it sounds. I love that old saying “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater”. Yet inevitable leaks and imperatives of fact are gaining ground at the same time that blank denial and chronic ridicule wear thin. The author guides the reader through 74 UFO crash incidents supported by compelling evidence in the form of official documents, eyewitnesses and in some cases physical evidence. However, any reader who starts from a neutral position will find, by the end of this book, that there is sufficient evidence to conclude that: The implications of this are enormous, and Ryan Wood has prepared the best compendium and analysis of UFO crash retrievals to date.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Of course with onlly, there follows that if manned there should be bodies, and there are.

For all the foibles of human society and the struggles of history, there may mahic prevail a sobering and hard-won awareness that “humankind is not the only marvelous mind in the Milky Way. The documents stated that these objects were not of earthly design and in all probability were interplanetary in origin. His work will stand as a valuable onyl for future students and researchers of this topic, as well as for anyone who wants to glimpse part of the unseemly underbelly of the U.


Majic Eyes Only

Some bodies were found from a crashed disc and taken to a nearby hospital which is rare as usually the Military get in there first Anyway they were taken to hospital oozing brown liquid, X Rays were wopd of the ‘aliens’ and many a puzzled look from those few hospital staff who saw them were in evidence. The witnesses may have died or moved away from the area and are un-contactable. The author states that back in a chap called Lambros Callimahos wrote a paper discussing what may happen should mankind come in contact with an alien race, in part; this is what he had to say.

There are a few British cases contained within the book as well, such as the Cannock Chase incident and the Boscombe Downs case, as well as Rendlesham and a few others. In the ‘s Gordon managed to capture ran film footage of a UFO as it hovered above a dry lake bed. For onlyy the opening introduction chapter is by far the most interesting in the whole book for Ryan has really dug deep and turned up a plethora of facts and figures which just screams out to be read.

Return to Book Page. A particularly interesting UFO case concerns what was called the Los Angeles Air Raid of February 25th when a number of unidentified flying objects caused a succession of alerts throughout Southern California.

Including the Isle of Lewis Scottish case For me though, probably one of the stranger cases is the events which occurred over at Varginha in Brazil during January Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Jennifer marked it as to-read Mar 19,