Teddy was born in squalor. Now he is a craftsman determined to banish ugliness from his life. Harriet is a beautiful, bored trophy wife who employs a series. A Sight for Sore Eyes: A Novel [Ruth Rendell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Teddy was born in squalor. Now he is a craftsman. But in Ruth Rendell’s dark and damaged contemporary universe, innocent dreams can turn into the most terrible living nightmares. Teddy Brex emerges from a.

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He has no interest in anything until a neighbor shows him carpentry.

A SIGHT FOR SORE EYES by Ruth Rendell | Kirkus Reviews

Normally that would put me right off a book, but I found myself absorbed in spite of it. Very fine in dust jacket. Well Teddy will kill to get what he wants. It is the story of a psychopath as a child, teenager, college student, and then younger adult.

It is a crime novel, but one in which we see the crime happen. Signed by the author. It’s hard to say how I feel about this book. Dust Jacket is in Fine condition. This book is dark.

Spoiler alert, stop read I started reading the book and I was immediately captured by the deep psychological analysis of the main character, Teddy, a psychopath.

Great dor of characterization and the characters develop over time in unpredictable ways. Bored by marriage to a wealthy, much older man, she scans the local newspapers for handymen to perform odd jobs around the house, including services in the bedroom.

I really like eyrs list of miscellaneous junk, for example: This threw off my expectations for the book a bit which made me a little miffed!


That talent, along with how she weaves her tale, is what makes this intelligent novel of psychological suspense so riveting and hard to put down. Rkth clear insight into this man’s skewed Ruth Rendell has rarely disappointed me.

On the other hand, someone who uses “date” as a verb probably wouldn’t be in a position to judge other people on class distinctions. The awesomely prolific late crime writer Ruth Rendellproduced two dozen Inspector Wexford novels in the half century that spannedbut over her career she also published 28 non-Wexfords, mostly psychological thrillers, under her own name, as well as 14 crime novels under the pen name Barbara Vine.

The book is so slowly paced that the inevitable event in a suspense murder! Now on to the “sequel”–The Vault! Apr 20 8 15 Apr 30, Refresh and try again. Rendell is so good at evoking an environment, even an unpleasant one. In this book, I just wish the set-up had been slightly less exaggerated.


etes I like eges sorts of resolutions where things don’t quite seem to wrap up, as often they feel very truthful. The writing to me was childish and immature, not suggestive of an accomplished author in the slightest but rather seemed to be the work of a primary school student in places. This was the latest choice for my book club as we’ve picked our way along EW’s list of new classics.

The first is a story of a little girl who has been scolded and sent to her room when her mother is brutally murdered; as Francine grows up, she is haunted by the experience, and it is years before she even speaks.

Again, I’m OK reading books for no other reason than to enjoy a good tale. Fine in price-clipped du. I know this is quite petty but when you read a book by such a high I was bitterly disappointed with this book after reading so many good reviews and having had a friend recommend it to me.


Francine has witnessed her mother’s death. Watching characters A, B, and C converge on the same spot was sort of like watching two trains and a car on an obvious collision course A creeping sense of dread throughout, interesting and well-drawn characters, some good twists and turns, and everything tied up neatly.

It’s a sharp edged gem of a psychological thriller that only leaves the reader wanting more.

A Sight for Sore Eyes by Ruth Rendell

The st What I like best about Ruth Rendell’s work is that the psychological underpinnings of the characters seem very realistic and set the stage for what ends up feeling like inevitable tragedy. About A Sight for Sore Eyes A Sight for Sore Eyes tells three stories, and for the longest time, the reader has no inkling of how they will come together. I wonder if eyws novels will stand the test of time?

A Sight for Sore Eyes tells three stories, and for the longest time, the reader has no inkling of how they will come together. After all, how many cheaters, liars, killers meet their undoing because of some stupid, silly mistake?

A Sight for Sore Eyes

He was a weird loner but didn’t get bullied at school for that. A Sight for Sore Eyes Author s: We don’t know anything about her, who she is, what her background is. Want to Read saving….