: Akai BP Remote Control (PTHD, PTHD, HCM, HCMW) tested with batteries: Home Audio & Theater. Archived from groups: (More info?) Hello all, A friend of mine is looking. I HAVE A AKAI PTHD TV AND WHEN I PUT ON THE AUTO FOCUS THE TV KEEPS TRYING TO FOCUS ENDLESSLY BUT DOES’NT.

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Picture is clear and crisp.

One Federal Court has held that unauthorized recording of a,ai TV programs is an pt4298dh of U. For instance we used to watch about 1 DVD a week as well. Overall, I’m still very happy with this purchase. I’ve had an HD box pf4298hd a progressive scan dvd player p for a while now hooked through a XGA projector.

Curt in AK Unregistered guest. Posted on Monday, September 13, – I was thinking nof signing up for hdtv from comcast, anyone know if much of their stuff is in p?? Posted on Wednesday, July 21, – Below is the link to the Samsung site showing the TV and specs. The next piece is the middle speaker section.

This is Samsung-made TV, just the name plate and different model. Curved Blue line from middle of screen bending down.

Model #PT4298HD Akai projection/digital 42″ and above tv

Didn’t think it would but again when side by side you can really tell the difference. Since, this was not in a Circuit City ad nor on their web site. Posted on Monday, August 09, – Any idea how to remove this snow?


Most new DVD players, for example, have component video outputs that break the video signal into pieces that allow for a higher-quality image, which this television displays nicely.

Akai model PTHD projection/digital 42″ and above tv genuine parts

You have to hook it up to this as the Xbox only boots up in i. I’ve also seen it at Costco where they had it facing the door one day and despite the fact that the sun was shining right on it, the image on the screen looked really good. Is it the tv or the dvd player? Similar Threads Akai plasma problem. If you have an analog broadcast available along with your digital broadcast, perhaps you can get by with only one digital tuner and feed the analog to the ANT A or ANT B input.

Just wanted to get ppt4298hd insight as to whether or not it akaj be a good decision to purchase the TV for regular cable? This piece only has 1 fastener to pop out. It reverts back to Wide everytime you turn it on or change inputs but it isn’t really bothersome since I only use it when watching lt4298hd tv which I already scheduled for an appointment to get HDTV through my cable provider.

Akai PT4298HD

MODE button or by making a selection from the menu. The front piece is the anti-glare protective screen 1the middle piece the dark ribbed textured material 2and the back piece is just a clear plastic screen 3.

Aug 7, 6. Sharps part 3 Unregistered guest. If the movie does not say anamorphic widescreen, but it is in either of the two ratios, set your DVD player to interlace and use the “DVD” aspect ratio.


You CAN’T put it on carpet!!!!!!! It takes a few seconds to adjust, but it works. Exclusions apply to products with limited shelf life, which includes but are not limited to batteries, smoke detectors, or chemical based products; these products must be returned within 90 days of the original order date. Cannot be applied to previous purchases and cannot be redeemed for cash. I exchanged for a new over the weekend at CostCo. I like it because it will work with Directv Tivo.

But i was wondering what your settings are for the picture because when i watch TV, its not as clear as i hope. Posted on Friday, May 21, – Should I stick with my 36″ Wega? Jim Warner Unregistered guest. I’ll try fiddling around with the picture settings contrast, brightness, sharpness, etc and see if that works, but in the meantime, I just wanna know if anyone else has this problem.

PS2 looks nice as well.

Akai PTHD –

In my opinion, for the money spent, this is the best HD TV on the market right now. Has anyone had any success with warranty repair for this tv, just in case. Do not block these openings with any object, and do not place the TV receiver on a bed, sofa, rug, or other similar surface.