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Before you start the engine, make sure the saw chain is not contacting anything. Keep bystanders and bevienungsanleitung out of the work area. Le chemin de repli prevu doit se trouver a env.

AL-KO BKS 4540 manual

Page ALKO A lkuperaisen kayttoohjeen kaannos Laitteessa kaytettavat m erkinnat a l k u p e r is e n k y t t o o h j e e n n n o s Huomio! Freno de cadena La sierra de cadena tiene un freno manual que se activa con la proteccion de manos, bedifnungsanleitung ejemplo, en caso de rebote.

Neporadek nebo neosvetlena pracovnf oblast mohou vest k urazum. Page 4 mm-es minimalis hosszusagat Page 46 Wees bedacht op uw veiligheid en werk geconcentreerd bij gebruik van de ket- tingzaag. Route noisy work is to be licensed and limits for certain periods.


In the event of a warranty claim, please your contact supp- lier or the nearest authorised customer service centre with this warranty declaration and the purchase re- ceipt in hand.

Use a firm grip with thumb and fingers encircling the chain saw handles. Binnen dit toepassingsgebied kan de elek- Dit document beschrijft het gebruik van een hand- trische kettingzaag voor algemene werkzaamhe- bediende, elektrische kettingzaag. A vevo eladoval szembeni jogainak torvenyes ervenyesitesi lehetosegeit a jelen nyilatkozat nem befolyasolja.

Al-ko User Manuals Download – ManualsLib

Zum zweiten Mal Mehr. When the saw chain is caught in the cut, do not attempt to pull it out by force, but use a wedge or a lever to open the cut. Page 20 Diese Bruchleiste verhindert, dass sich der Baum dreht und in die falsche Richtung fallt. Forvara sagen i ett torrt, lasbart utrymme dor! See Alouette Recreational Products.

If a gap is observed between them, the rail is normal. Make sure the engine is stopped.


Il periodo di garanzia dipende dalle leggi del paese, in cui viene acquistata la macchina. Read the operating instructions carefully.

Be familiar with the proper use of the unit. Victor Simen vor 1 Jahren Abrufe.


Alcohol abuse as defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Make sure every cutter has the same length and edge angles as illustrated. Den far endast anvandas for sagning i tra. The following precautions are strongly recommended because the minimum exposure which might trigger the ailment is unk- nown.

  JIS Z 8401 PDF

Page of Go. This can be caused by the following factors, before or during each of use should be considered: Instructions contained in warnings within this manual marked with a symbol concern critical points which must be taken into consideration to prevent possible serious bodily injury, and for this reason you are requested to read all such instructions carefully and follow them without fail.

Es besticht durch eine Reihe von technischen Neuerung Mehr.

Die Verjahrungsfrist bestimmt sich jeweils nach dem Recht des Landes, in dem das Gerat gekauft wurde. Sprocket Check for cracks and for excessive wear interfering with the chain drive. Beachten sie bitte die Bedienungsanleitung bedienungsanleirung Fahrzeuges. Page 22 Fuhrungsschiene verschmutzt Oleintrittsbohrung und Olfuhrungs- nut reinigen. The warranty is no longer valid if: