Signing annexure F by the gazzeted officer is taking liability that you have never been convicted guilty, there is no F.I.R. against you, you will not damage the. “Now a tatkal passport applicant needs only her/his Aadhaar number. Along with this, she/he needs to file Annexure E (self-declaration) and. Tatkal scheme of Government of India allows getting Indian passport on an expedited of the concerned Chamber in prescribed performa as at Annexure “J “.

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Read the comments here. When mallya can easily move outside India, it indicates that propose tho stop passport is useless. Hey Prashant, Thanks for sharing your experience. This approach of tatkal should be stopped immediately.

Annexure E — By a person who wants to change name in general. Jan 27th, An avid reader, traveler, happy-go-lucky lazy-bum is what I am, very effortlessly. To be specific, these are the unicorns people who can sign your verification certificate, according to the website.

I already have a passport but it expired about 8 years ago. Different PSKs have different rules. I tend to miss obvious details.


You might have to check if the PSU your dad works for is accepted by Passport office, and then check for this state thing. When I applied for passport I checked passport office website as well as some other websites and blogs. I get you, my friend. I m so frustrated. You can tweet it to MEAquery on Twitter to share your experience. Just back from Bangalore PSK.

He outrightly denied to attest the document.

Annexure j for passport pdf download

Hey Barsha, I understand your frustration regarding how things work, but nothing will change unless we make a noise about it. You too do your bit and tweet about it tagging relevant people, who can reform the rule.

Will make an edit on the post based on your experience. Also passport office people were passportt friendly, best service from Sushma Swaraj Department.

Passport- Procedure And Requirements –

For your convenience, below listed are few important points to remember while submitting passport application: Annexure fverification certificate for ta government of india ministry of externa l a ffa irs cpv division, delhi annexure f specimen verification certificate for passport under tatkal only on official stationery of verifying authority to be given in duplicate along with standard affidavit as at annexure i annexufe. This gives the assessor and idea of the scale, complexity and type of projects involved in.


Going through the same stage…Thanks for the valuable post!

Like a common guy, i was also too worried about this Annexure -F. Hi Shyam, Sorry for the delay. And you are right. If yes then when our corrupt govt.

To verify, just follow the link in the message. I also added i have changed my address. Pros and Cons of PPF.

Before applying for a passport, it is important to understand the entire procedure and also be aware of things required so that you do not have to run from pillar to post. Download Application Form Annexjre. Thank you for the update, Ejaaz Ahmed Shaikh.

I don’t see the point of the Annexure ‘F’ Verification Certificate. Foor June 27, Please update me if anyone of heard about the progress in this fresh tatkla passsport procedure.